Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Link up, link back, think happy thoughts for my sanity.

1. We officially started school on Monday and have had three non-student days, until the kids come back tomorrow. I'm trying to remind myself that scheduling snafus, copy machine lines, and people who almost make you cry by taking your bathroom keys away from you against your will are all par for the course. This shall pass. The kids will be here tomorrow and will be an excellent distraction from all the other non-teaching things that come with the teaching job.

2. I just finished Anthony Doer's book All the Light We Cannot See and found it to be an excellent example of a really good book that I didn't really care for. I'm not a WWII buff and have a hard time enjoying most historical fiction. I did like the characters and structure, though, and thought Doer is a great writer. So I didn't love the book but I really, really appreciated it.

3. LA County dumped million of plastic, reflective balls into a reservoir to help reduce water-loss to evaporation, discourage animals from doing their thing in the water, and algae from growing. While it's not an answer to the drought, I love the problem-solving that's happening and being supported.

4. We had an all-district meeting yesterday that I was dreading, but it actually turned out okay. They hired an awesome pianist named Alpin Hong to play, work with kids that performed, and give an inspirational (yet not corny) address. For like twenty solid seconds I considered downloading his music, but then I remembered there aren't words and I might fall asleep while driving. But still, even though I'm not blasting it on iTunes, he was fabulous and it was nice to see our district mix it up.

5. Sawyer has started walking with just holding on to one of our hands, standing up without us holding on to him, and has taken two unassisted steps. I think we're getting close to walking. FINALLY.

6. When someone tells me not to worry I immediately hate them for at least one second.

7. This Target thing is driving me bonkers. They're decision to take the words "boys" and "girls" and stop labeling things pink and blue is not because people are transgendered. It's because these sort of ridiculous gender stereotypes are archaic and damaging to kids. Sorry, Billy, you are a BOY and BOYS like BLUE things that you can BUILD with, not PINK things that wear DRESSES. Give me a goddamn break. This is about raising kids that aren't reliant on stupid gender stereotypes. I'm glad they're doing it. Over the weekend I wanted to buy Sawyer a play broom. I looked and looked and looked and finally found a pink one covered in flowers in the little girl's section. I was so pissed with the fact that they were indicating that only little girls can play house so I just bought a generic household brush from the cleaning section. 

8. One indication of how busy I am this week? I'm in a FitBit challenge competition with nine other people and I'm only in third. 

9. I absolutely loathe popcorn, but I can't get enough of Trader Joe's Kettle Corn right now.  Every time I'm there buying some I consider getting an extra couple bags, just in case they discontinue it.  

10. Later tonight my summer review post will go up. I'm excited! I read a lot of great things over the past two and a half months. 


  1. I used to be very against kettle corn, but now I'm completely hooked!

  2. I'm gonna have to try that kettle corn. I loooooove popcorn!

  3. Best of luck with the new school year! Haha, love that top image xD

    I could use some popcorn right about now...

  4. LOVE Kettle Corn and never tried the one from Trader Joe's so need to get me some of that! My son loved nothing more than playing house, or grocery store with his big sister a few years ago. And my daughter (now 11) hates that society says she should be building pink houses with lego and not fire trucks. She questions it a lot.

  5. In my life BC, I worked in catchment and water management. For all sorts of reasons, I love the story of the plastic balls.