Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I just met with a solar panel company rep for the last hour and holy heck, SIGN ME UP! Fine, it's not quite the "you can run your air at 65 degree all day, every day" party that I thought it was going to be, but still, long term it's good. And after everything is said and done it's not going to cost us anything upfront... I'd rather be paying a smaller, more local solar panel company than the ginormous asshats at Southern California Edison.

2. Sometimes I wonder what the daycare lady and physical therapists think of my mothering capabilities...

3. An old student/friend bought me a twelve-pack Diet Coke last week, and a current kid brought me a terrarium filled with succulents a few days ago. They either like me or are terrified that I'm about to self-combust and are trying to bring me back to normal.

4. I'm currently reading The Language of Miracles by Rajia Hassib, a story about an Egyptian-American family that must deal with their place in the community after their son and neighbor die. It's good, but there's something lacking I can't quite put my finger on yet. I think it's slightly unnatural dialogue? I'm not sure. It's a puzzle.

5. Sawyer, at 4:55 this morning when I was trying to get him back to sleep so I could get ready in peace, he fell asleep and just started saying the only he word he can, "ball," over and over again. If it wasn't so early it would have been cuter, but now, fully caffeinated, it is. 

6. I need to make these asap. Nilla Wafers, peanut butter, and chocolate? Can it get any better?

7. I think, as a society, we have got to start thinking about HOW we address social issues, whether gun control, race, immigration, abortion or whatever. Who is our audience? What will push them away? What will confuse them? What will offend them? People, I think, are rebellious by nature, so if you try to attack them, even with the best intentions, it will cause them to do the opposite of what you want. I mean, not to compare apples and oranges, but the cashiers at Target tried to push the Red Card on my for years, but I resisted (despite it being great), because I found their tactics annoying. And, in case you need more evidence, I have a toddler. And I work with teenagers all day. 

8. So, if you've read by blog religiously over the past few months (because, you know, who hasn't?), you'll know that there's weird noise coming from the water main or water softener in our garage. It's been completely for a few weeks, but then it came back for a few a little while last night (and it's not the nightly softener recharge). It's like The Telltale Heart. It's driving me absolutely insane. I know it's not a leak, because our bill hasn't increased, but still. What is it? WHAT IS IT??????

9. I've started accepting the fact that I will probably never run a half marathon again. My foot is simply not getting any better, and never will, unless semi-drastic measures are taken. And now I have an aggravated toe issue on the opposite foot. I'm basically okay with this realization, but after running twelve, and the hobby being such a huge part of my life for a few years, it's a little unsettling. Luckily there are other ways I enjoy staying in shape. 

10. This article on reading to kids is a nice blend of reinforcement and science. 


  1. Oh great article on reading to your kids. Thanks for sharing that. I'll keep it in mind next time I roll my eyes at having to read the same dumb book for the 20th time that day.

  2. I loved the reading article!! And the link right below it was apparently meant for me...cutting back screen time for kids..start w/yourself...ugh, this has been a struggle in our house lately, esp with this extended summer we are having. I need to get better with NOT using my phone.

  3. We looked at solar panels a few years back, but there are too many trees in the yard for them to be effective! I think every mother wonders what other people think of their parenting, I know I do. So you are not alone in that respect.

    Those no bake peanut butter cookies look delicious...I shall have to try them!