Top Ten Tuesday- I'm a Sucker

[source; this guys' comics are pretty fun]

By this point in my reading career, or whatever you want to call it, there are certain authors I have come to trust. This week The Broke and the Bookish asks us which ten authors are automatic buys (unless my husband grabs them first... or I forget):

1. TC Boyle- For his social conscience (even though he is a Trojan to my Bruin allegiance). 

2. Marisha Pessl- I've loved both of her two books and appreciate the research and time she puts in. 

3. Ann Patchett- She's a genius.

4. Michael Chabon- Sometimes you need just need to read a pretentious wordsmith. It makes you feel smarter. 

5. Reif Larsen- TS Spivet is my homeboy.

6. David Mitchell- While I have to confess to only reading two of his books, we have all of them and I know our shelves will always have his current works.

7. Nick Hornby- Such a funny man.

8. Jeffrey Eugenides- He's a genius. 

9. Michael Cunningham- See #4.

10. John Irving- While I prefer early Irving, I still feel loyalty. I mean the man is responsible for Owen Meany. 


  1. Owen Meany is on my TBR queue, I hope to get around to it...soon-ish (as with Marisha Pessl's Night Film) xD Is Jeffrey Eugenides coming out with anything soon/recently? While I haven't caught up with all the books he's written, I feel like I haven't heard about him in some time...

    My TTT

  2. I also really enjoy Nick Hornby's writing! I keep meaning to check out David Mitchell. Great list. My TTT!

  3. You have a lot of authors on here that i have on my TBR list but haven't gotten around to many of the on here. So thank you for reminding me about those, especially Hornby. :)
    great list :)