Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

It's almost Thursday! Which means it's almost Friday! Which means it's practically the weekend? Yes? No? Damn. Link up, link back, say hi, be understanding of my horrible commenting these days.

1. It's not that I'm okay with having a cold, because I'm not, but for the first time in two years I can actually load up on cold medicine. Also, when a child is sick feel bad for the parents. Mom and dad are already feeling super sad for their little kid, but meanwhile they're the ones that turn into a human effing Kleenex and has to subject themselves to the whim of an unhappy little person that is already a tiny bit volatile in their unsick state. So, if you can't read between the lines, I had to deal with a sick kid and am now sick myself so feel bad for meeeeeeeeeee. But not really, because I can now take my favorite cold medicine that has my most favorite side effect EVER: "may cause excitability." Achoo. 
2. I signed up for Artifact Uprising two weeks ago and was given 25 free prints (only the price of shipping, which was about six or seven bucks). I loved the quality of printing on heavy card-stock and will definitely use them to print Instagram pictures in the future:

3. I'm also a fan of my new necklace:

[Christine loves Scott? Sawyer? Soda? Saturdays? Starbucks?]

4. I just honestly filled out my first-ever workplace satisfaction survey, which is sad, considering I've worked in the district for ten years. I was honest... I hope they really are anonymous. And read. And considered. 

5. I'm considering a monthly, or yearly if I like it, membership to Gaiam TV so I have access to a ton of yoga videos. I've started doing PiYo at night occasionally and I really started missing yoga. Part of it is the studio itself, but it's also the practice. You can do the first month for a buck, so I can't really argue with that!

6. Sawyer is walking... sort of. He can take a few feet worth of unassisted steps (yay!) but has absolutely no desire to take the initiative. I'm trying to give him any opportunity I can to get him on his feet... even if that means he takes off with the stroller.

7. I've been telling my husband about what I thought was a unique conspiracy theory about the Clintons paying Donald Trump to run to put yet another wrench in the Republican Party. Apparently that's a thing already! Part of me hopes it's true just so I can see the looks on his supporter's faces to see they've been duped BY THE CLINTONS!

8. I ordered twenty binders at work to supposedly organize every single IB novel and AP lang unit I teach. This is a very, very ambitious undertaking that would make life so much easier, that I'm optimistically hoping will be done by the end of the year. Part of me is always nervous about what I'll be assigned to teach the following year, so I'm concerned I'll do all this work for nothing. 

9. Despite its gains today, the stock market has been having a rough time lately. This is bad news for many, but good news for people like me who are considering investing. I have a little bit of money that I'm trying to work up the courage to play with, but I'm having trouble cutting the cord. This is why I don't gamble when I go to Vegas! I'm so worried that I'll lose money that I just don't put in any to begin with. Realistically, though, I know that right now is the time. I don't know what to do and I don't want to pay for financial advising. I thought about downloading an app and "practicing," but then I'll still miss this window of opportunity. Investing and overthinking are a hard combination. 

10. And because it's National Dog Day, here's one of two:


  1. Ya, I'm not sure what's worse, a sick, whiny child, or a sick, whiny mom. I've always wanted to order from Artifact Uprising (I'm pretty sure I've been following them on IG since I joined), but I haven't bit the bullet yet. What will you be doing with the photos?

  2. Love your necklace! And yay for Sawyer walking (sort of)! Hope you feel better soon :)