Sawyer's Favorite Books- For the Toddler Crowd

When Sawyer was tiny I'd read book after book to him, and he'd happily lie still and look at the pictures. Now, that he's fifteen-months-old, he's kind of too busy for that sort of stuff. He has cupboards to de-organize and dogs to torture! I've started consistently reading to him while he is strapped into his highchair to eat and it's been working like a charm. I think he sometimes forgets to throw things on the floor, too, which is nice. He definitely is developing preferences, though, and points to certain books on the counter he'd like to hear. There are also some board books that he constantly goes back to, as well. Here are a few of his favorites lately:

[this is responsible for him being able to say "meow"]

[a friend got him this but it's out of print; he loves the texured cover]

[now that he's learning to hug this is a fun one]

[he loves this one simply because he thinks the ninja's head is a ball]

[we both looooooove this one]

[Cupcake got her own spin off from the one above. Of course.]

[he always finds this one and talks to it in the squeaky voice he uses on animals]

[a new favorite- great pictures, great message, lots of roaring]

[he loves touch and feel books and always grabs this one]

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  1. Sully is FINALLY starting to show interest in books and will actually bring them to me and let me read them cover to cover without him trying to shut it on me. Success and hallelujah! His absolute favourites right now though are any books that make noise, especially lift the flaps ones. Except, I made the mistake of letting him sit alone with one of them the other day and he ripped off all the flaps on every page, little shit! Haha. It still makes noise, but the anticipation of lifting the flap to find the noise is gone.