Weekend Update/My Blogging Game is Weak

I am on the verge of getting it together- I can feel it. Soon, really soon, all my papers will be graded. My NaNoWriMo project will be rolling. More books will be read. I'll feel like I'm not half-assing this blog. I'll be able to once again be able to pop up into a tripod headstand and run 13.1 miles straight. 

The truth of the matter is that this is probably not true, although I won't let the dream die. This is just my current reality- I work full time, I have a toddler, my husband works late, and I have interests that aren't necessarily conducive to my present life. But, we're happy, we're healthy, and we're getting by. It'll all happen eventually. 

So, instead of coming up with great blog posts this weekend and reading entire novels, I got my hair done. I spent time at the playground, the duck pond, and walking around the same fountain seventeen million times. I drank iced coffee outside in the "fall" weather by myself for four minutes before someone woke up from his nap. I cleaned and did laundry. I snuck away for a few hours for lunch with my husband for our anniversary. I read a book that I just can't seem to get through quickly for a student's project that I'm advising. I wrote a test and graded papers. I talked to my mom. I texted friends. I spent too much money at Ulta. I listened to the new  Adele song that I so adamantly despised approximately sixty-seven times. 

But soon. Soon I'm gonna get it together.


  1. I don't know why you say that you're going to "get it together"... from my perspective, it seems you already have! You took care of a small person, did some of those chores that none of us ever have enough time for but that have to be done anyway, celebrated your anniversary (congrats!), and did responsible work stuff, AND practiced a little self care. That's pretty "together" IMHO!

  2. five blog entries for November seems pretty strong to me! And what can you possibly mean by spending too much money at Ulta, I can't even begin to imagine...

  3. Ah, I think as bloggers we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get posts up and share consistent quality content. Sometimes things just have to slide though - it is a hobby after all. To me it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, spending time outdoors, with your family, having some me time, even some work. You've got it together.

    Reading With Jade

  4. I think you have it more than together! But I also understand having interests or wanting to do other things with your time that just don't work or you can't fit in. It's hard!