Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[this morning. before seven-thirty. shoot me.]

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1. Last weekend I was driving up the parkway, which runs up a steep hill into our community. I was going the speed limit and cruising along when a ten-year-old boy darts out in front of me without a helmet. Luckily I saw him and swerved into the opposite lane, which was thankfully empty of oncoming traffic (upon further reflection, I'd rather hit someone in a car than a kid on a scooter, if I had to choose the lesser of two evils). I popped a u-turn and went back to the kid, who had fallen, and his older sister to make sure they were okay. I wanted to scream at him about how he could have just ruined both of our lives, and those of the people we love, by not using the cross-walk about an 1/8 of a mile down the road. I did, not, though. I made sure they were okay and kindly reminded them about cross-walks and helmets. I was very shaken up and wanted to either throw up or cry, but did neither. It's scary how quickly accidents can happen.

2. Have you ever tried explaining the difference between curling iron sizes to a guy? Don't.

3. I just finished Liane Moriarty's The Husband's Secret on audiobook and did not really enjoy it all (and the ending was a funny coincidence, considering what I talked about in my first point). I was amused by Big Little Lies, but thought this one was pretty weak. I think I'm done with Moriarty. Now I'm listening to Do No Harm by Henry Marsh about a neurosurgeon- so far so good!

4. Confession: I am nearly thirty-two years old and I still cannot use our wine opener. My husband opens the bottle every single time.

5. I'll make you a deal: if you stop talking about Red Cup I'll stop wishing you'd shut the hell up about the Red Cup. 

6. I finally finished The Man Who Wouldn't Stand Up and am about to start an ARC of Paolo Giordano's Like Family. I really enjoyed The Solitude of Prime Numbers, so I'm hoping this novella is also a good one. I feel like I've been in a bit of a rut lately, since work has been so busy, which has been discouraging.

7. Apparently I made plans with four different friends for this weekend, all of which involve eating. I'm thinking I should start fasting until then. Probably not. 

8. I really, really appreciate people that will give you reassurance, without a hassle. People that will listen to something that's paranoid or has no real basis for existing in your mind and will take (or at least pretend to) you seriously but then make you feel completely at ease. 

9. They started putting up our solar panels yesterday! Finally! This is also requiring a lot of logistical issues in terms of making sure they have access to our house, which is locked up with an alarm set during the day. They also made a huge-ass mess all over our backyard and garage while working yesterday, which admittedly irked me when I arrived home. They cleaned 90% of it up before they left, but still. In my book I'm the only person that's truly allowed to make a mess at my house, since I do the cleaning.

10. We have today off! Sawyer and I met up with a friend and her little guy to walk and talk this morning and then ran a million errands. Later after he naps, and I grade, we're going to bake a pie. And then have it for dinner. 

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Yes to #8! I have realized recently that I'm sort of an obsess-er sometimes and thank God for by best friend who will let me unload all my crazy to get it out of my head (I return the favor as needed, of course). Also yes to pie for dinner :)

  2. I love that your son is trying to help walk the dog in the photo!

  3. Iʻve been considering picking up one of Moriartyʻs books for a while now but I havenʻt heard many good things about ʻem. If I do pick it up, itʻll definitely be a library book and not a buy-book.

    Yes to #5! So funny how itʻs apparently a big deal wheeeen itʻs not.

  4. #4 and #5 made my day! Don't feel so bad, I'm 25 and I still struggle with a wine opener. Good thing we have our hubbys around to help!

  5. I love this post so much. It's so true how quickly those accidents can happen, and such a scary reminder when they almost do. And explaining curling iron sizes to a man has to be right up there with an explanation of foundation and concealer. I just can't.

  6. #8 - I wouldn't survive a week without those friends.

  7. 3. I read The Hypnotist's Love story by Liane Moriarty recently. Was underwhelmed.
    4. For your own good, FIX THAT SITUATION (or buy a new wine opener - it's not complicated!)

  8. I hope you had a great day off with Sawyer, those days are so precious!

    I have to say I have only read The Husband's Secret but I enjoyed it enough to buy 2 of her others, including Big Little Lies. I wonder if I'll like them.

    Four food with friends dates sounds like a dream! I wish I lived closer to my best friends :(

    Curling Iron sizes...yep a big no-no same goes for why I have so many products in my bathroom cabinet, why I have so many pairs of shoes and so many purses lol.

    And I'm almost 32 (next week) and my fancy wine opener is still in it's box because it's just too complicated. I stick with a regular old-fashioned corkscrew and can just about manage it.

  9. Pedestrians are getting more and more careless in my opinion...I feel like parents/adults aren't teaching street safety anymore? It was such a big deal when we were growing up: always stop at the curb, walk DONT ride, your bike across the street, stick out your arm when crossing, make eye contact with people in their cars. I once had a kid dart out into the street in a school zone, between parked cars, and he literally ran into the side of my front bumper and then did a little roll across my hood! It was horrifying and scary and embarrassing. Luckily I wasn't going very fast at all as it was a school zone, but I was so mad at that kid! And he just ran off, waving "I'm sorry! I ok" like it was no big fucking deal.

  10. Not a Moriarty fan either, her books just haven't worked for me. #4 is true for me as well (age too). How can I not open the bottle of wine. It can't be that hard... Also, I'm maybe only 50% successful with can openers, but I blame that on not opening can particularly often.