Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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Time to fess up.

1. I am so, so happy with our Thanksgiving plans this year, which I feel like is a confession since I'm not hosting and we're not going to anyone's house. It's just my husband, my kid, and my brother. I can wear sweats. I'll run the vacuum over the downstairs carpet at some point instead of the marathon cleaning session that's usually required. I'll make pies tomorrow, rather than today since I won't be rushing around. I won't have to worry about extra chairs, tablecloths, how to politely tell people they can't have drinks over our couch, or whether or not I'll botch the gravy. I'm sure at some point I'll have a moment of regret, but right now? I'm so good.

2. I don't care if stores are open on Thanksgiving and that people ditch their families to go shopping. So what? I don't want to, so I don't. And I am genuinely sorry that the employees have to work, but as callous as this sounds, when you accept a job in retail in one of the most materialistic, capitalistic nations in the world it's a risk you kind of take.

3. I went to a place the other day with a friend that sells ice cream sealed up in warm donuts. I hate the entire thing without looking back. Actually, that's not true. I do keep looking back, thinking about when I can return for another one.

4. Yesterday I was at Starbucks and the stupid barista filled my drink up too full and some spilled on my white shirt, in the upper chest region. I was faced with a dilemma- either go to Target (in the same parking lot) as planned, with this horrible stain, or go home. I am embarrassed to admit that I went for it. The old me, the one that wouldn't have to load and unload a squirming toddler in a car seat, would have just gone back later, but nope. I was that mom, in the store with a coffee stain on her boob. Never again. Once, when I was fifteen, I got pizza sauce on my shirt at the mall and I was so horrified I begged my mom to go buy me a new short so I could change. Shockingly, she did. 

5. A few weeks ago I made the uncharacteristic decision to impulse buy a Clarisonic. I haven't quite decided if I like it yet, so now I'm worried that I wasted a lot of money. To be determined.

6. I swore up and down up until a few weeks ago that I'd never give Sawyer those stupid puree pouches. But then the babysitter said she had and he was eating things like spinach and kale and I started thinking about how, well, nutritious, they sounded. And easy. So I've been giving him one a day and feeling like a lazy parent. A friend made me feel better, though, pointing out that Sawyer knows how to eat with utensils and is getting a more well-rounded diet now. 

7. Whenever I am off I text my husband so much more often, most of it completely mundane things. Like how I really want Arby's. Or pictures of out child's bed head. Or expletives about my fellow Costco shoppers. And then I wonder why it takes him so long to reply. 

8. I think I have an unhealthy relationship with my Fitbit. I'm in two workweek challenges right now and it's taking over my life. I guess it's not the worst obsession to have, since I'm really active for a vacation week, but last night I finally had to make myself not check it so I could let myself sit down and watch a movie with Scott, instead of hopping on the treadmill. As a result, when I woke up I was 500 steps out of place in one, and only 6,000 steps ahead in first place in the other, as opposed to 10,000 like before. I'm a monster.

9. We watched Trainwreck last night and I can't decide if I like Amy Schumer. Everyone in in total love with her, except me, apparently. I don't dislike her, but I think she carries too much of her stand-up in her regular acting delivery that it bothers me (I hate stand-up; I'm the worst person to invite to an improv). The movie, though, as a whole, was funny.

10. I recently found out someone sort of never let me in on a joke they played on me (aka LIED) quite awhile ago. Definitely outside the appropriate "time to come clean" window. Who does that? Six-year-olds? We'll just file this under "things that make you go hmmmm" for now (as opposed to the elaborate plan for the good-natured, legal, revenge I was considering).


  1. Ice cream inside donuts? Sounds delicious! I'm also completely obsessed with my fitbit. I confess, I've had to walk back and forth my hallway (in my tiny apartment) or round in circles in the livingroom several evenings when I've realized right before going to bed that I'm a few hundred steps away from my daily goal.

  2. I don't think that my shirt is ever without coffee stain.

    Also, I didn't like Amy Schumer at first, but then I watched an interview with her on 60 Minutes I think (of all things) and something about it made me really like her. I thought Trainwreck was fun.

  3. Mmm Arby's. What other fast food joints do I need to hit up while I'm in the states? (We do have Arby's in Canada, but they are few and far between, sadly). I've been giving Sully those fruit pouches for like a year now. He's kind of over them now, but when we're out and about, they were total life-savers, and I felt better giving him one of those than almost any other snack. Plus, if Sawyer likes those, then he should like homemade smoothies, so that's a bonus!

  4. David Sedaris wrote a funny piece in Reader's Digest about his love affair with his fitbit. Check it out if you can. I think your fellow Fitbitters relate :)

  5. Keep us posted on the Clarisonic....I feed Ethan food pouches, so you are definitely not alone. I am a bit nuts with the Fitbit too - mine died and I was without it for a week...I couldn't even look at my friend list to see how low I was for fear of becoming upset....add that to the current leg injury and my fitbit stats are in the dumper.

  6. I'm trying to picture ice cream inside doughnuts and for some reason I just can't, haha.

    Sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving! :)