January, Revisited, Plus February

Time! It's flying! 

For those new around here, I like to start each month with some goals to keep me focused and accountable, as well as a check-in to see if I was able to follow through with what I wanted to the month before. I'm naturally competitive, even with myself, so putting it out into the world at least motivates me a little to be productive. I'd say 70% of them are actually really, really boring and make me seem much more responsible than I really am, but... I don't care? Correction: I mostly don't care. Anyway. 

Here's how I did with January's goals:

1. Make fruit/veggie smoothies three times a week: Nope Twice. Total.  And I think one was actually from Juice It Up. I've been much better about Sawyer's veggie intake, so that's a plus. Now for my own....

2. Finish 2015 photo book: Yup! 117 pages and 700+ pictures later it's been ordered. It's not the masterpiece I would have wanted, but I had a great coupon code that knocked off half the price, so I hauled ass to finish. 

3. Take stuff to Goodwill: Yes! I actually donated to one of those companies that drive around and pick up your stuff, but same thing. And easier.  

4. 95k steps a week: Reached in excess! I ran/walked nine miles the other night and the only thing that hurt the next day was my mutant ankle. I'm cautiously optimistic I won't die when I do the half on Sunday. 

5. Computer maintenance-type stuff: Partially I backed up my phone but have yet to find the balls to update my phone and computer (I'm afraid they'll die... I need to go to first-world-problems therapy). 

6. Chart time for two weekdays and one weekend: Yes Honestly, I don't know why I did it. I'm on the go constantly, between work, taking care of Sawyer, dealing with the house, working out, and trying to see friends. I need to sleep more. 

7. Stay on top of grading: Yes? I question this because I don't feel like I'm buried, but I may be, in reality. Nonetheless, it's not stressing me out so we'll call it a win... for now. 

8. Journal more: Sporadic.

9. Write two short stories: Big fat no.

10. Get a pedicure: Yes I walked and ran hundreds of thousands of steps. It was much needed. 

And for February:

1. Think about daycare for next school year: This stresses me out unbelievably. Deciding where to put your child for nearly eight hours a day is no small task.  I just keep picturing him crying at some strange place with people he doesn't know. He's very social so this is probably more my issue, but still. I've found not thinking about it to be a successful strategy, but we're nearing six months out and I need to start preparing. This month I'm trying to get the courage to initiate the conversation with our current provider to see if she's completely sure she's done. I'll go from there.

2. Prepare tax documents: We have our appointment later this month and I don't want to wait until the last minute to get our paperwork together. My life. It's just so exciting. 

3. Cross train more: I've been all about running and walking lately. I need to do more yoga and cycling. My brother and I are also trying to figure out a Saturday to try Orange Theory together. I can't wait to be humiliated. 

4. Walk dogs more

5. Drink less Diet Coke: I don't want to, but I need to. I really, really love it. I have a "no wine on weekdays" policy, so Diet Coke is my trusty friend. And it has enough caffeine to take the edge off my exhaustion when I haven't had coffee. But it's basically liquid cancer and it costs more than a gallon of gas or milk, which are both far more useful. 

6. Schedule at least one or two posts each week: I'm generally a "write it and post it" kind of girl, but I'd like to start sitting down on the weekends and scheduling at least one or two posts for the week.

7. Clean something abnormal: Junk drawers (yes, plural), my work out room, the upstairs desk. Something that has been neglected.

8. The Closet Situation: Speaking of taking on a super fun and exciting new project, I want to look into doing some sort of huge overhaul on my closet. We are lucky enough to each have our own walk-ins, and I'm sick of using the rubbermaid drawers that I've had since college to organize everything that's not hanging. It's not a mess, but I'd like it to look more put together. 

9. Research, and book, some short getaways- We're hoping to spend some time in Yosemite later this spring as a family, and then possibly a night in Malibu in July for a wedding (we'd leave Sawyer with my mom... he's not currently wedding material).

10. Expose my kid to something new: I want to take Sawyer to do two new-to-him things this month. 


  1. I would love to get my photos organized and up to date on albums. I thought I had the baby photo thing under control, but let's just say that didn't last long...and I take too many pictures, so some major culling is in order. Good luck on all your February goals!

  2. You did pretty well on the January goals. The photo book itself sounds like a pretty big undertaking, and 95k steps a week - go you!! I'm currently working on the whole veggie and fruit intake. I think I've mastered my own, it's toddler whose the tricky one - fruits are fine, veggies not so much, only in dinner. Working on that one.

    Happy February - good luck with your goals!

    Reading With Jade

  3. That's a lot of goals for February! I'm really confident you won't be humiliated at Orange Theory though! Humbled, yes, but humiliated? No. People are too busy working out to pay any attention to anyone else. The class is too fast paced!

    What company do you do your photo books from?? I REALLY need to start doing this! I actually dream of going back to the first years that my husband and I started dating because all those photos are just sitting on USBs and what's the point?!