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No matter how busy I am, I pretty much always stick to my cooking to take out ratio of five days in and two days out. I loathe most fast food (exceptions: bean burritos, chicken nuggets, fried zucchini) and it's simply not healthy (not that everything thing that I make is, at all, but it's still better than all the grease) or economical. While reading will always be my favorite hobby, cooking and baking are definitely up there. So I thought I'd share a few things we've been eating lately here, since I don't have the time or recipe-invention skills to start a food blog:

Crockpot Lime and Cilantro Chicken was incredibly easy and very delicious. I used this burrito recipe as sort of inspiration to use the shredded chicken in. The chicken would be great alone, in tacos, on tostadas, or even nachos. 

This Loaded Baked Potato Dip was excellent (and I love the blog title of its source... The Crepes of Wrath), but more so second and third day on bagels. My husband was gone that week, working late nearly every night, so I ate up almost all of it. So good.

I'm not especially passionate about chili, but sometimes when the weather is right a bowl hits the spot (especially with Fritos and cheese amirightoramiright?). This Slow Cooker Chili was easy on a Sunday.

In a pinch and not wanting to deal much with clean up? One Pan Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies is tasty and so easy. 

My go to for lunch for almost three weeks straight? Quinoa and tabbouleh from Trader Joe's. It was at the point where I was going in during the week to grab another tub my addiction was so strong. Combined with an apple and a Diet Coke and I was a happy woman. 

I made this Maple Tart recently, but it didn't get eaten up... due to the arrival of Girl Scout Cookies. It was good, but the timing was bad (not like the Pie Hole, sadly).

These are the best and softest chocolate chip cookies I have ever had. Occasionally I'll try a new recipe, for fun, and I'm always disappointed (as is my husband). 

We admittedly eat more chicken then any other protein, since I eat red meat maybe twice a year. So, yes, another chicken recipe! You don't really need one to make French Bread Pizza, but if you do here's the link. The only problem with this is that I'll only eat fresh French Bread, which means a stop to the store on the way home. And by the way, I have never gone wrong with How Sweet It Is

I made this Texas Trash Bean Dip for the Super Bowl and between my husband, his friend, and fresh off the half-marathon course me, we put away the entire pan. One part impressive, one part gross. Sawyer loves it, too. 

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