Top Ten Tuesday- Songs as Books

I don't have a ton of time to write today, but I had to play along, as this week's prompt from The Broke and the Bookish asks us for ten songs that should be books. I mentioned this idea a few weeks ago before I knew it was a prompt, so I thought it was bit serendipitous. It would be such a great creative writing prompt or activity to break out of writer's block, so I need to keep this one in my back pocket. 

Here are some songs that I think could make interesting stories-

Jack and Diane- John Mellencamp I like this song in a cheesy, nostalgic sort of way, but I think the fact that there's already a story there ready to be expanded on is promising. 

We Didn't Start the Fire- Billy Joel The idea of such a broad scope of time is what epic (and lengthy) novels are built on. 

Hello- Adele Who is she talking about? I've heard an ex and I've heard her father. Go!

Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie- Honestly, one of the main reasons I put this on here is that one episode of Parenthood... if they and can do that with this song during a TV show, I can imagine the potential for a novel.

Maps- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs I envisioned a tortured love affair possibly near the end. 

Tiny Dancer- Elton John There's just so much you can do with this song, even considering the time period.

One Headlight- The Wallflowers Let's learn more about your only friend that died of broken heart disease.

Eleanor Rigby- The Beatles She seems like a strange lady. And I know that Douglas Coupland has a book with the same title, but I have no idea what it's about, so maybe he ran with this. Or not. 

Rhiannon- Fleetwood Mac She's just so mysterious. 


  1. OH MY, yes! I suspect many of Adele's songs would make excellent novel stories. :)

  2. Haha, I have One Headlight on my list too, it took me back to my early teen years. The angst!

  3. Yaaaas to so many of these songs! Was so tempted to include the Wallflowers on my list (though I was thinking about "The Difference")

  4. Hello would certainly be an interesting book!

  5. I am happy to see Death Cab for Cutie and Adele on this list. Transatlanticism and Hello? are excellent song choices as well.

  6. Death Cab!!! OMG YES!! Also, Adele is a popular pick this week but with good reasons LOL

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    Leydy @ Once Upon A Twilight

  7. I agree about Tiny Dancer. It would be a beautiful premise.

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  8. All of these would make great novels. Rhiannon is on my list too (although I did a slightly different take on the topic)

  9. I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! great list!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  10. It's rare this week that I have heard any songs off of people's lists, but yours I have listened to quite a few of them! I love the idea of Maps as a book! I would totally buy that :)

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  11. Oh I love your picks!! One headlight would be amazing-and sad!! And Tiny Dancer has always been a favorite of mine but I never thought about it as story. It could totally work!
    And I love Fleetwood mac-any of their songs would be amazing!

  12. Billy Joel! Yesss. I love him. He should have made my list. Gosh. Oh well. I love that Hello and Transatlanticism and Tiny Dancer and One Headlight are on here! I think a whole album based on Fleetwood Mac's Rumors would be fantastic! A story about a band on the outs who wrote songs about it and didn't really talk to each other? Yes please!

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  13. I love the idea of Maps as a novel! And also so many of Adele's songs...they'd be perfect contemporary YA!

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