Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[it's Chomsky's birthday!]

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1. I got some really great news last week- our daycare provider has agreed to take Sawyer on for one more school year, so I don't have to find somewhere new to put him in the fall. He'd be not quite two and a half and I knew that he would be too young for a lot of preschools, but I didn't want to put him in another home daycare and then pull him out the following year when he was old enough to go. Problem solved. It's been weighing on me heavily, so this has definitely been a relief. 

2. Last Friday I noticed a growth the size of a marble on the outside of our Golden's bottom gumline and knew that we should take her in to have it checked out. They had an appointment for Saturday afternoon, so I loaded up the neurotic dog and the energetic toddler to go to the vet. They confirmed that it needed to be biopsied, so we dropped her off on Monday for a dental cleaning and to have it removed. So now we wait for the results... a few days... a few weeks... They were pretty noncommittal but we're of course hoping for something benign.

3. Last Saturday was sort of a mess, in general, actually. We had to get our taxes done in Orange County and when we got back my husband had to head back into the office for the rest of the day and evening (that's why I had vet/kid/dog duty). I was extremely tired and really stressed about being so behind at life, so by the time dinner rolled around I was DONE. Sawyer and I ran to Chick-fil-a and when I got the window to pay the young lady started complimenting my physical appearance. She got some of her coworkers involved, just to make it even more awkward, plus completely untrue, as I looked like a total disaster. And as I was driving away it dawned on me- she knew that I felt like crap, that I was a tired, stressed wreck, and she was just trying to be a sincerely nice person. I could care less about what fast food employees think about my looks, but that the fact that she was making an effort to be legitimately sweet to a stranger made my chicken sandwich a little more enjoyable. Now if only her parent company didn't hate homosexuals and make me feel like a douchebag for giving them money (fun fact- I just went back again a few weeks ago after resisting for years). 

4. Guess what? Only two more days until Fuller House. If I had the time, and my friends and I were all available and childless, I'd have a watch party. Can you imagine the drinking games that will soon be in existence? How many times will Stephanie say "how rude!" Or Joey "cut it out"? It's going to be horrible wonderful and I cannot wait to see this trainwreck. I asked Scott if he cared if I watched it when I got home without him and the look I got from him made me think that maybe he doesn't care as much as I do...?

5. I must have parties on the brain, because we are talking about having some sort of gathering this summer. A few years ago we had one that was really, really fun, but now most of our friends have kids, so this one would be a bit more family-friendly (last time I flat-out told people that they couldn't bring their children, haha). I love having people over and it's nice with the pool, so hopefully we can coordinate something for a few months away.

6.  I've been listening to Stephen King's On Writing and it's been motivating me to at least think about some of the projects that I have floating around in my head. His perspective is different from mine, but it's definitely thought-provoking. He's mentioned Misery a few times, and, coincidentally, so has my husband recently, so I decided to order it. A writer, a stalker, and a farm? It sounds like a quick read that I might possibly get a kick out of for various reasons.

7. Freshly washed skinny jeans are quite possibly the most demoralizing thing ever.

8. To counter that, though, American Apparel's leggings are quite the opposite. I'm resisting the urge to buy five more pairs.

9. Sawyer has been quite the little artist lately and I'm loving it. He was into coloring last week, and then we moved on to sidewalk chalk this weekend (he was outside with it for an hour! Amazing!) and right now he's using one of those water paintbrushes to make pictures appear. I think he's going through some sort of developmental motor-skill sort of spurt (or whatever you want to call it) because he's been doing a lot better with building block towers, getting Duplo pieces to stick together, and trying to put clothes on. It's a lot of fun to watch and I love being able to introduce new things that he enjoys doing.

10. I'm still plugging away at Notorious RGB and still find it fascinating (I hated her for a minute when they mentioned her ability to get by on only a couple of hours of sleep a night, though). I've been trying to get a lot of grading done this week, though, since this weekend is starting to fill up, so my reading is suffering a little. Getting papers out of the way is a good feeling, though, and the grading period is up soon, so it's about damn time. 


  1. I hope everything is ok with your dog!

  2. On Writing is on my TBR list - have heard lots of good things (and as I say to Rory @ Fourth Street Review, I probably should read some King at some stage...)

  3. So sorry about the dog...and I can relate to crazy weeks. I just dealt with tax time, too.

  4. I really want to read On Writing, I heard a lot of good things about it.

    Aww, yay for Sawyer and all the creative things he's been doing lately :)

  5. Our beagle had the same issue on her gum twice (both of which were benign when biopsied). Now she has two more growing, not sure how we are going to handle it since it's quite expensive every time we have them removed. I haven't been to a Chik-Fil-A for years for the same reason you cited, man I miss those waffle fries!

  6. 7 - They are in fact the most demoralizing thing ever. Its fact.

  7. Hope your pup is okay!

    I love those little growth spurts when kids start to realize that they can do the things they werenʻt able to before! I think itʻs great that you provide him with so many opportunities to test out his new skills.