Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. When I was young I used to make really complicated, really awesome friendship bracelets. I ordered a book through the Scholastic Book Order (of course) and went TO TOWN. I have a feeling I still have the book in a bin upstairs and am seriously contemplating ignoring all the things I need to do to find it. I don't even want to wear friendship bracelets. I just... want to make them? Apparently I just really like creating shit with embroidery floss.

2. I have been listening to Liane Moriarty's book and it's been okay, but all of the sudden it was revealed that some secret LSD micro-dosing has been going on at the health retreat they're on and it's taking me back to Ayelet Waldmen's book. Now I'm much more intrigued.

3. All that's standing between me and twenty-three GLORIOUS days off are approximately thirty-two hours, fourteen student presentations, 100 essays, and 150 peanut butter balls to make for my friends at work. And, apparently, finding a friendship bracelet book circa 1994. 

4. My students are starting to get to know me better and are well aware of my cereal obsession now. I have one kid that stops me every day when I'm passing out papers to ask my opinion on whatever type. Clearly he is a genius and deserves an A+++. Cereal lovers unite.

5. I really want to start working on my best-of-the-year posts, but I am super strict about waiting until I've read everything for the year- you never know when something amazing is going to bump something else! I have a feeling that this year will be really  tough, since I've read so many great things.

6. Last night I finished reading Kara Goucher's newest motivational running book and as a whole I was really disappointed (so, so fluffy), but I will say that it was a push to make myself runner harder. I'm ready to lace up in an hour when Sawyer hits the hay. 

7. I am going to the championship for our Fantasy Football team. I seriously don't know how this happened. My team name? Books Over Balls. That's right, baby.

8. This weekend should be fun! Friday night I am taking Sawyer to a viewing of The Polar Express at my work that the choir hosts, Saturday the boys in my house are going to see the new Spiderman movie meaning I am getting the house to myself, and Sunday we're all going to Knott's Berry Farm to catch their holiday Snoopy ice skating show. Now if only I can make it until then....


  1. Enjoy your time off work, and hopefully you can find amazing things to do. Knotts Berry Farm is fun...I haven't been in years, though.

    I like the look of those friendship bracelets.


  2. I loooooved making friendship bracelets as a kid! I'm like you, I'm waiting until the very end before doing any 2018 wrap-up, best of, etc. posts. We have over two weeks left, anything could happen! ;)

  3. I love your fantasy football team name! I usually wait for my best of the year post until New Year's Eve because by that time I've read all I'm going to read for the year and have started rereading Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore for the umpteenth time so it's safe to name my picks.

    Here are my bookish & not so bookish thoughts: