Christmas Reading Tradition

One of my favorite Christmas traditions, and one I've surely written of before, is reading Sawyer a Christmas story every night for the 24 nights leading up to Christmas. We've been doing this since his very first Christmas, when he was only eight months old and have every year since- I'm hoping I can force him to partake until he's, say, eighteen? Dream big, Christine.

This year we added a small Christmas tree to his room, so it's even more festive and cozy. We've acquired quite the collection of seasonal books, due in part to the book orders at his school, not to mention the ones I had from teaching elementary from before he was even born. 

We have a lot of the classics, but we've also added in some of the newer ones, like Pete the Cat (not my favorite, but he likes the series). One of my favorite is Snow Globe Family by Jane O'Conner about a family in a snow globe hoping someone will shake them up. There's also a pirate's version of Twas the Night Before Christmas (plus the original, which we always save for the 24th), How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and lots of others. 

Admittedly, we are quite busy during the holidays, but this is such a simple way to unwind every night. Who knows, next year he might be able to read some of these to me! 

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  1. I’m hoping my son will play along for many years as well! We shall see! With all the busy-ness December can bring I really like that this one is a slow, quiet tradition — then again, I like any traditions that involve books :)