Up Next: Stupidhead

Before I start complaining about something admittedly trivial, let me say that I actually really like Tina Fey. I think she's funny, love that she's not conventionally beautiful, adore her jabs at Sarah Palin, and appreciate her intelligence.

Now that proper homage has been paid, I hate the cover of her new book, Bossypants, published by Reagan Arthur Books for a cool six million earlier this month (she plans/planned to donate a chunk to charity, making her even cooler). I get it, I get it, it's supposed to be a comment on a woman trying to make it in man's world. I get the contrast between her delicate features and contemplative yearbook-pose expression, and the masculine arms and attire. I get it. You're not on Saturday Night Live anymore, Tina, you can do better.

More than the fact that it's just an eye-roll invoking cover is the fact that it calls attention to the talked-out male/female divide. I am a feminist, but more of an equalist- people should get paid the same, in regards to respect and money, based on their work. If women want to really make a difference and call attention to the issue they'll do it on he job, not with ridiculous covers, cliched pop songs, and annoying slogans like "you go girl!" Some people have said the cover is disturbing, or even disgusting, which I disagree with. I just don't appreciate the irony, I guess. Fey is filthy stinkin' rich and has obviously risen near the top of the comedy, show-biz, and even business worlds, so it can be done. By a woman.

I also hate the title. Bossypants? Really? I know she has a kid, but that's the title she chose for a six million dollar project? You're smart and hilarious and that's what you end up with? Is the follow up going to be entitled Stupidhead? Please.

Will I read it? Possibly, when it's in paperback, just because I've heard good things and Fey supposedly truly did write the thing, unlike many other of her celebrity peers.

I'm sure Gloria Steinem would hate me if she knew I existed. Oh well.


  1. I just saw this book the other day. I love Tina and think she's hilarious. I hope her sarcasm and wit comes out in her writting. Looking forward to your review!

  2. I totally agree with you on the cover art, but I definitely want to read this book. While I admittedly do not watch 30 Rock religiously, I do think she's hilarious, real, and has done incredible things. I'd love to read the stories she has to tell.

  3. totally agree. I have heard a lot of similar comments regarding the cover.

    I love tina and think she is hilarious, but no one I persoally know has been really raving about the book. So I will probably not buy it, but if it falls into my hands I'd want to check it out.

  4. huh, I haven't heard of this book - thanks for the interesting info! Now I won't be alarmed when I see the cover :)