We Really All Can Get Along

Today while on Facebook I noticed a good friend's status raving about a Twilight book, ending her post with, "Don't roll your eyes at me Christine." She was right- I was about to. Instead, I had to laugh.

I love my friends and appreciate the fact that they remain friends with me, despite the fact that I'm a total book-snob. On the flip side, I love them despite the fact they read poorly written stories about pasty vampires.

We really all can get along.


  1. hahaha - too funny. love it! thanks for stopping by my blog! xoxox

  2. Book-snob...we should find a shirt for you. You know, even though I'm scared as hell to admit to you what books I read (or don't read) you are teaching me that there is a whole variety of books out there that I'm not even tapping into because I go for the "popular ones." So, school me Ms. Book-snob...show me more! Seriously, can you choose my next book for me. Let's see what you got!

  3. Don't feel bad, I only judge on the inside... and my blog. Just kidding, it's all in good fun. If you're serious and want something light and literary Room is good by Emma Donoghue (especially since you're an elementary teacher at heart) and the book I'm currently reading, The Solitude of Prime Numbers if really good so far.