Dance Break

Okay, not dance, just an itty-bitty break from the norm. My friend and colleague Joanna over at Drizzle of Sunshine (cutest food/exercise/life blog ever) tagged me in this "Stylish Blogger Award" chain blog post scam (juuuust kidding). So, I guess the rules are that you have to link back to the original person (again, visit Joanna for awesome recipes and whatnot), list seven things about yourself, tag some people, and then let them know that you tagged them.

So, here are seven non-reading things about me:

1. I desperately want to travel more, sooner rather than later. In the last few years I've gone to Italy, Hawaii, New York City, and spots here in California (Yosemite, San Diego, etc...), but that's only made me want to visit more places. Every time I see my passport tucked into my pajama drawer I have the urge to grab it, pack a bag, head to the airport and just go. So, if you can't find me this summer, I m probably in Bora Bora.

2. I think self-sufficiency (emotionally and monetarily) is one of the most important traits anyone, of any age, can have. Being spoiled is not cute whether your four, twenty-four, or fifty-four.

3. I won't drink non-carbonated drinks from a can.

4. I have an extra bone in my foot that not only hurts, but swells up like crazy after running more than ten miles. I would have possibly had it removed if I had not fired my podiatrist.

5. I am quiet the worrier and always welcome periods of apathy.

6. I'm agnostic, yet very accepting of all other religions, as long as they don't try to convert me (would it be inappropriate to answer the door in a towel when they're trying to "spread the word?" Probably). A colleague told me that being agnostic is like, "being a horse with his balls cut off," which makes me laugh. So be it. I'm a girl anyway.

7. I can touch my tongue to my nose, a disgusting trait I'm strangely proud of. I think men are more impressed by girls who can tie cherries with their tongues, though.

I read a ton of blogs and honestly have no clue who would want to be included or who would even respond, so I'm going to only mention my sister's, My Steps to the Starting Line. She's done a great job taking her health into her own hands and I am so proud!


  1. Number 7 cracked me up!

    I want to travel too. Life's too short to stay in one place all the time! But it's so expensive!

  2. You do not seem like a worrier at all! You seem so chill all the time! And it's even more surprising that you can touch your nose with your tongue! Crazy!

  3. thanks much for tagging me, i always love blogging about myself.