Morsels of Awesomeness

Lots of little appetizers on today's menu- ideas that don't necessarily constitute their own posts. Here goes it:

Gilmore and Lost
There aren't many shows that I can say I've watched in the
ir entirety, but two that I have actually have corresponding book lists. The first is Rory's on the Gilmore Girls (confession- I'd really like to be Lorelai/Lauren Graham when I grow up). There are several versions floating around, but most are pretty similar. Since the show has been over for several years there really isn't a definite list, but it's still fun to see the ones people have created. The selection is pretty heavy with classics, but there's some more contemporary works on it as well, including works by Jeffrey Eugenides and Nick Hornby.

The second list is from Lost, which I will always have a lo
ve/hate relationship (I love Sawyer's abs and I hate how it never gave you any damn answers). This list is quite exhaustive, including the book, author, Wikipedia links, where the book appears in the show, and links to pages involving connected characters. I wonder how many crunches he did a day...

The Writer's Junction
I stumbled across this Santa Monica location in the LA Times and desperately wish I lived closer to it, and that I had the time and money to make such a commitment to becoming a member. The Writer's Junction is basically a quiet, professional, yet cozy, place that you can go writ
e. It allows writers to escape from the distractions of home, while still giving the option of a collaborative environment.

I love this necklace by Peg and Awl, available at Anthropologie. I do not love that it costs $248. Oh well, some girls dream of huge diamonds in their ears, I'
d like to wear books on my neck.

The Library Foundation of Los Angeles' Library Store
I'm a huge, huge fan of the Library Foundation and have att
ended several of their events. Their online store is full of really fun, creative gifts for readers, writers, library lovers, and kids. Products include posters, bags, notebooks, games, and of course librarian action figures.

The name says it all. Four railroads? I think not; four genres!

Dork Wear
I love a good shirt that notifies the whole world I'm a
nerd. My advise to my students before the CAHSEE was, "If you can't spell beautiful, write pretty."

I also like this shirt. It has nothing to do with anything whatsoever.


  1. Ok...a) I love Gilmore Girls and totally understand you want to be like Lorelai. I love my mom, but I wish I could've had that closeness that they had. b.)Writer's Junction looks like an awesome place! We need more of those here... why don't you open one! eh eh?
    c.)love the necklace and love the fact that you compared them to diamonds. I'd much rather wear blocks from Anthro any day.d.)Funny shirts are the sh*t! that's all! haha why did I just letter my responses?

  2. Hey girl,
    Just found your blog. Love it. I love reading, and I love gilmore girls. I'm from So.Cal as well. At least I think that's where you're from. Anyways, I'll be back!

  3. what an interesting collection of info! I loved Gilmore Girls and love Lauren Graham in 'Parenthood.' She's awesome. Writer's Junction is such a fantastic idea! I've seen office spaces where entrepreneurs can rent space, similar to this, but never specifically for writers. How cool!