Blast from the Past

Last week my dad's cousin asked me if I'd like some books that belonged to my late great grandmother, and of course I said yes (as long as no on else wanted them, of course). They arrived the other day and it's been such a trip looking at them- they're by far the oldest thing I own. 

Two are cookbooks, The American Woman's Cookbook (copyright 1945) and the other the Blue Ribbon Cookbook (couldn't find a copyright, but there were notes dated 1948). 

The third was The Calling of Dan Matthews, by Harold Bell Wright (copyright 1909). I think what I loved most was the inscription- why don't people do that anymore? 

And then fourth, The Heath Reader (copyright 1903), a collection featuring authors such as Shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott, Washington Irving, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. 

While I'm not one for antiquing or anything along those lines, I am excited to add these four books to my collection. It makes me wonder, a hundred or two hundred years from now, where my books will be (I think I'd like them incinerated and buried with me, actually). Not to mention the fact people a hundred years from now may not even own physical books. It's a little sad.


  1. Those are great little pieces of family history! If physical books really do disappear I will be really sad. Though of all the different types of books, cookbooks seem to still be going really strong and I don't see them fading away any time soon. Or at least I hope not since cookbooks are another favorite genre of mine and my job kind of depends on them!

  2. Those are awesome! Old books always make me smile. What a cool thing to inherit. I agree with Christine and you...what a really sad day if there were no physical books. I still enjoy ebooks for their convenience but I love to have my books displayed on a shelf.

  3. I've found some old books of my Mom's. It's such a treat to have them.

  4. Hey! You did it - you changed your blog! I LOVE IT! Did you do it yourself?

    I love that you got to keep a few of your great-grandmother's old books - I love finding really old books in thrift stores, but they don't hold the same value had I gotten them from a family member. Inscriptions in books are one of my favorite things to see, especially in old books. And you're right - people rarely do this anymore. I still write in books I give to people (usually after I give it if I'm not sure if they have it or not), and when I'm given a book, I often get the person to write in it. Yes, I'm annoying like that.

  5. It's a special thing to have books that were loved by someone loved by those you love.