Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. I'm hosting a giveaway of Tiny Little Plastic Miracles- really great book. Enter here.

2. People should stop health-ifying recipes. Cookies, cakes, and brownies should be chalk-full of real butter, sugar (not agave), and chocolate. Stop substituting with Greek yogurt, for the love of God.

3. Everyone should go to a roller derby bout, a Lady Gaga concert, and see Zero Dark Thirty. Preferably in one weekend. 

[such a great show]
 4. Go 49ers! First it was the Giants, and then the Democrats in November- all my teams are winning.

5. I was pleased with all the mature, thoughtful responses I received on my Why I Don't Read YA post. I hesitated as to whether or not I should write it for a long time, since I know it's definitely the genre of choice for many right now. 

6. Speaking of YA, one question that arose while writing the above post was the difference between a bildungsroman and YA. I'd like to say that it's the intended audience, but I know that many YA writers know that full-fledged adults are now readers, so I'm not sure if that works. Food for thought.

7. I seriously loved Michelle Obama's eye rolling at the inauguration lunch. Sassy.

8. I need to learn how to make buttonholes on my sewing machine so that I can make pajama pants this weekend. My mom was supposed to teach me, but I guess I scared her off.

9. Yesterday was National Handwriting Day, which reminded me of the horrid elementary controversy as to whether or not we should take valuable time to teach little kids to write cursive. Eff cursive, that's what I say. How about learning to type?

10. Is it weird that I'm jealous of how my dog spends most of his day? 


  1. Ha! Love the thing about the desserts ;) Why mess with sugar? And your dog is so cute! Love the list :)

  2. I think kids need to learn how to write legibly. Cursive or otherwise, I'd just like to know what they are trying to say. I'm not a 49ers fan, but one of the players (Crabtree) went to my alma mater (Texas Tech), so I wouldn't be mad if they won.*