Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. I'm not handling turning 29 well, despite the fact that we're two month in. The approaching big 3-0 is not sitting well with me. I just feel really, well, old. And I know some of you are rolling your eyes, and believe me, I get that. Thirty is not old. I'm just really attached to my twenties and have some things I'd like to get resolved before I creep into the decade that precedes middle age.

[10 months to live it up]

 2.  Speaking of age, I just saw that Kristen Bell is actually almost three years older than me. This news makes me incredibly happy, for some reason. I guess given her role on Veronica Mars and her lurking presence on Gossip Girl I assumed she was a lot younger. But she's not. Score.

3. Following literary agents on twitter is one of the most motivating things ever- they're constantly tweeting about contracts, edits, query letters, and all that jazz. As I read over my feed all I can think is "I want to be part of this!" And so I write blog posts about random tidbits of bullshit instead of anything substantial. Makes total sense.

4. Last week I wrote about people needing to calm the eff down in regards to healthifying baked goods. I'm now back to say that people need to calm the eff down regarding healthifying Super Bowl snacks. For Christ's sake, let people eat cheese and drink beer! Just leave them alone. No man wants Greek yogurt in his dip, okay?

5. I really don't give a crap if people care if I chew on my pens. They're mine. I go to the store, plop down some hard earned cash, and take them home or to work with me. They're mine to write with. And to bend the little plastic clippy things off. And to chew on. You know, for the record.

6. This year's yearbook may be the death of me. Our final deadlines are sneaking up far too fast and with a small staff we're scrambling a little bit. Everything will get done, and done well, but in the mean time I have to be thankful that I thrive off stress (at work, anyway).

7. My lack of ability to do this has become quite the source of frustration for me:

[Source: Lululemon]

I understand that most people can't do a tripod headstand, but I'm really having trouble comprehending why I can't. I have a fairly solid core and enough arm strength to hold your standard L-pose for days, but I can only get to the point where my arms are resting on my legs. I mean before, when I was terrified of breaking my neck, sure, but I thought I moved past that. Sometimes we know what to do and our bodies just fail us, I guess.

8. I bought two books the other day. I know. I know! But I was in a terrifically horrible mood and out of wine (this seems to be a trend...), so I exercised my credit card.  One of them is serious. One of them is ridiculous.

9. I'm a firm believer in a weekly playlist for the ride to work. It has to be upbeat and fun so that I'm read to go twenty-five minutes later. Each playlist gets a unique title (this week it's the "I < 3 Chomsky" playlist, last week is was "Apples are Awesome," and I think the prior week's was "Copacabana"). I'm currently listening to Lady Gaga, Tegan and Sara, Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harrris featuring Florence, and Dr Dre (seriously, is it just me, or do you too all the sudden smell phantom weed when "The Next Episode" comes on? No, I'm not lighting up on the way to work... or ever... kids, don't do drugs...).

[No shame, no shame. Also, the "< 3" is mocking; I hate that symbol]

 10. I have been thoroughly convinced that I need to watch The Girls (apparently I look like one of them?). My husband and I just started the first season and I'm totally sold.


  1. You should totally be a literary agent! You have strong opinions, good ideas, and a wealth of knowledge. How does one bust into that career?*

    1. I would have loved to be, but, well... refer to #1 on my list, haha.

  2. I love #4. When it comes time for special occasions - SPLURGE! Great list of it!
    ps...30 is wonderful...40 is better!