The People Sure Do Like Their Fantasy

I ran into "the top ten books read in the world," created by Jared Fanning, and thought that there was a good mix of expected and unexpected titles:

[Via Galley Cat via Visual News via Jared Fanning]
So, basically, we're a society of people obsessed with Jesus, Mao, wizards, magic, Southerners, vampires, Jews, and getting rich. In other words, people like fantasy, whether it be in straightforward terms of spells and dwarfs, or that in terms of living a different life, whether holier, wealthier, or of a different time period. Not one of these books is contemporary in the sense that it was placed in this world within the last fifty years. Interesting. 

If we are what we eat, then maybe we are what we read a little bit too. Personally, this is not quite a clear portrayal of how I'd like to be defined.  But apparently that's what "we" have been reading the last fifty years...


  1. Twilight made the list?! Good grief that's depressing.....

  2. What is your opinion of The Alchemist? I couldn't even finish it, but I have friends who thought it was profound.