Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. We were out to dinner over the weekend with Sawyer and an elderly couple stopped us on the way out to tell us how well-behaved our child was in a restaurant. I thought it was such a nice thing to do, since people tend to be more likely to point out the negative sides of little foodie patrons. We totally lucked out, though. We've only had to leave with him once (we refuse to be that couple with the crying kid), but that was when he was six weeks old. He really loves to look around and I come pretty well-stocked with finger foods and toys. Hopefully it lasts!

2. So, I had a basic yearly checkup at the Ob-Gyn (not one that you have when you're pregnant... I don't want those rumors to start! Just no. No way) yesterday and an old student was working there... still. She gave me my post-partum inventory when I went in for my six week check and there she was, once again privy to my chart and data. She also called me "Christine" like five times, just to show me that she could. 

3. I feel like understanding Facebook's privacy controls are really way too complicated for some people, despite explaining it to them fifty-seven times before.

4. Tomorrow will be my first yoga class back in a studio since, I think, January of last year. I'm taking an hour class instead of a 90-minute class, since it's what works while I have childcare, but still. We'll see how it goes.

5. Speaking of working out, my routine has been pretty simple lately- get in a 30-60 minute walk with the stroller in our neighborhood hills after work, or in the  morning, and then do PiYo at night after Sawyer is bed three nights a week. The nightly workouts are killing me, in terms of motivation. By the end of the day, once he's in bed the last thing I really want to do is put on my workout clothes and begin. But, walking isn't going to fix everything, so I don't see any other options (my husband doesn't get home until 7:30ish on week nights, so before hand is tough now that Sawyer is so mobile).

6. I was proud of this:

7. I want these, like in a bad way:

8. I have a meeting with a financial adviser tomorrow to look into setting up a college fund for Sawyer and life insurance for Scott and I. I also want to ask her how I can invest my money with no risk but make a ton in return. Can that happen? Super conservative, high-yield investments? 

9. I'm listening  to John Ratey's Wild and had no choice but to suffer through the section on the evils of simple carbs/sugar. Honestly, I know those things are bad for us but I've never put in the effort to listen to the biological explanation because I know it will make me feel guilty. And it did. After the Reese's PB Eggs are gone we'll talk. Just don't make me give those up, John. Oh, and the part about not drinking "sugar water" doesn't apply to the Chocolate Chip Cookie creamer I put in my iced coffee every morning, right?

10. We have new patio furniture! And a BBQ!  Friends are coming over Saturday for dinner and then we're going to do something on Sunday for just us and my brother for Easter. I love having people over and now that it can be done outside makes it that much easier. 



  1. My hubby and I put money away for our daughters when they were young and they are still accessing the money for their college and graduate classes today. It is wise to plan ahead.

  2. I'm impressed with your workout routine! I've been trying to walk or exercise each day, but I don't have the motivation to do both. Good for you!

  3. I too am impressed with your workout routine! Every night when I'm putting Sully to bed, I think about all the things I can't wait to do once he's asleep and then, as soon as he IS asleep, I'm beat! I'm also impressed with that braid! We've been pretty lucky at eating out with Sully too. He loves being out in public, so there's usually enough to keep him entertained at a restaurant. And having lots of snack foods on hand is key. Or coasters to throw on the floor. Although one time, this sat down at the table across from us and something about him caused Sully to burst into full on hysterics. It was funny and a bit embarrassing at the same time.

  4. Hi! I've made my first Bookish and Not-So-Bookish post :) I agree with the other people who've made comments in that you have a very impressive workout routine and your braid is impressive too!

  5. Like the others I'm really impressed with your workout routine! I try to keep some kind of schedule, trying to squeeze in some exercise, but I think I'm failing miserably at keeping to it xD Love the braid! Hope you have a lovely weekend & Easter Christine =)

  6. I started taking each of my children to restaurants when they were babies...and yes, it got harder with each additional child. But in the end, I was never humiliated by their behavior as some other parents have been...some of my grandchildren were horrible in public. But they are not my problem, right?

    Now they are all teens (except for one, who will be 13 next year). His mother followed my lead and took him everywhere...and he is so well-behaved.

    Enjoy basking in the approval of other diners.

  7. You'd think that hearing about the evils of sugar we'd be scared off the white stuff for good but we always come back. I saw a lecture on YouTube about HFCS and it was an eye opener.