Spring Break- Topless in Cabo

Or not. 
Today was the first day back to work after a 9 days off for spring break. Ouch. There was something about the 5 am alarm or parting with my happy baby at the sitter this morning that made things a little tough. Also hard was the fact that I'm still not completely sure about where the time went. What have I been up to, exactly? There were no papers graded, no books finished, and a house only slightly more clean (or maybe just not made more dirty?). Sawyer's birthday party remains fairly unplanned, no documentaries or TED Talks were viewed, and the fans still have a thick layer of dust on them.

But it wasn't a waste. We just.... hung out. We visited with a few friends, I got some boring appointments out of the way, the two of us napped often, and we got in a lot of time playing and being outside in the awesome weather. It's not often I don't overextend myself, and while it was a little unsettling at times, it was also really nice. It also made me even more anxious for summer. 

[I finally went back to yoga, at the studio one morning when I took Sawyer to the sitter. I was very sloppy, but it was great. I also got in some PiYo]

[I found a new place to keep my kid while getting ready. He found my pajamas and a new love for the lint roller. I'm hoping this lasts longer than he did in the Exersaucer]
[We got new patio furniture and had friends over for a BBQ. I love eating outside and it was nice keeping some of the highchair mess outside ]

[We went on at least one walk a day, and even saw the Yellow Brick Road. I even learned that Sawyer will keep on his hat for extended periods of time with Cheerios. Cheerios solve most Sawyer crises]

[There were lots of errands ran. Including this little guy's new favorite stop. In all honestly, though, errands with an eleven-month-old are a huge pain in the ass. ]

[Sawyer had decided to show some interest in pulling himself up... on everything he shouldn't. See also: stairs, crib, bath tub.]

[We did the Easter thing; a pretty uneventful day at home, with just the three of us and then my brother for a bit.]

So yes, part of me does wish I had been able to take an exciting vacation or that I was ridiculously productive, I did really, really appreciate all the time I had with my kid (in my yoga pants, with my hair piled on top of my head, drinking Diet Coke like there was no tomorrow). 

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  1. It looks like you had a lovely Spring Break. So what if you weren't in Cabo, and who cares if your house isn't spotless? You got to spend some quality time with your family and do a bit of self-care. You deserve it.