Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

It's that time again. Link up, link back. I may actually have time to come visit blogs and *gasp* comment on them this weekend.

1. Let's add Mother's Circus Animal Cookies (you know, the pink and white ones) to the list of things I have no control over eating. I've stopped buying "snacky junk food" but these were on sale at Target, plus on Cartwheel. Oh, and Mini Nilla Wafers. They make an excellent cereal, in case you need options. And I think both would make excellent add-ins for homemade ice cream.

2. I'm taking Sawyer to our annual IB Celebration tonight, which is pretty much asking for a total clusterfuck, pardon my language. I really want to go, but I don't want to have to deal with having someone watch him (seriously, I'd rather actually go out to like a kid-free dinner and movie or something equally as crazy if I'm going to have someone take the time to babysit), so armed with a disgusting amount of Cheerios and Goldfish we're trying to get in an hour.

3. I'm currently reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. The story is pretty entertaining and the writing is good, for a mystery, anyway. After reading a ton of non-fiction lately and being occupied with other things, it's a good fit.

4. I hope there's no such thing as reincarnation. 

5. I want this:

[to lazy to crop]

6. I hate it when you text or email someone this big huge diatribe and they respond back with like five words. NO. UNACCEPTABLE. I just gave you all these thoughts and you are barely giving my one in return. Rude. 

7. Sawyer's birthday party went well. The biggest snafu was me forgetting to give the party favors (huge, soft, delicious, homemade chocolate chip cookies) out to everyone, which just meant the last people there got to take home a few. I always reflect way too much on these things after people leave- did anyone notice the dog hair under the coffee table? Did anyone feel left out and like they had no one to talk to? Did people mistake my rushing around as bitchiness? And yet for some reason I love planning these sorts of things. 

8. I need July first to arrive so I can upgrade my phone and not have to constantly delete things.

9. I am such a sucker for limited edition things, and for s'mores, so obviously this is happening on Friday:


10. For a rare opportunity to earn extra credit, I'm letting my students create a ten-song mixtape for Antigone, along with explanations. I'm hoping this is a good idea.


  1. I hate those abbreviated texts or e-mails, too! I have one friend who does that all the time, as if she is being charged by the word....LOL

  2. Do your students even know what a mixtape is? Playlist?

  3. I think #10 is a great idea (and hopefully your students have good taste in music).

  4. The ten song mixtape is brilliant, in my opinion (because you were asking for it, right?).

  5. #10 sounds like a great idea! :)

    How was the s'mores frappuccino? I had no idea it was a limited time sort of special...Guess I'll have to pop by a Starbucks one day soon xD