The Last Year By Threes

Instead of doing long drawn out posts on some of these, I thought I'd just give a few snapshots:

Three People I Get Advice From
- My mom
- My good friend at work
- The internet

Three Ways I've Changed for the Good
- I've become more patient (although I'm sure some would argue)
- I've learned to prioritize better
- I have more fun

Three Ways I've Changed for the... not so Good
- I consume way too much caffeeine
- I am perpetually behind at laundry and housework
- I leave work at the end of the contract day; I take stuff home but it makes it hard for kids to make tests and things up

Three Places We Buy Kids Things From
- Target
- Amazon
- Babies-R-Us

Three Things I'll Miss About the Baby Years
- Fat chubby rolls 
- Footie pajamas
- Baby cuddles

Three Things I Won't Miss About the Baby Years
- Sleep issues (am I jinxing myself?)
- Baby food (purees are so boring and gross)
- Physical therapy and frequent pediatrician check ups

Three Things I Look Forward to in the Next Year
- Seeing him walk
- Hearing him talk (what the heck is he thinking?)
- Watching him eat fun things like ice cream and cupcakes

Three Things I'm Proud Of
- Not rushing him to the doctor for every little thing 
- Sticking out breastfeeding
- Keeping my shit together when things got rough ( least in front of people)

Three Things I Wished I Had Done Differently
- Been less worrisome about him rolling over as a newborn and not let him sleep in his swing
- Not have worried obsessively about my supply- formula is fine
- Used the Baby Ergo more

Three Things He Does That Crack Me Up
- He now mimics me when I shake my hand and say "no barking in the house" at the dogs; now it's our "thing" and we do it whenever they bark
- Sings and dances (like when he did in the middle of Party City today and made everyone else laugh)
- When he puts his head down and pretends to sleep when we say "night night" 


  1. I so miss the baby cuddles. Enjoy them while they last!!

  2. Awww.... I loved reading this post. What a great way to share stuff with your readers. I love when little kids get into singing and dancing. So cute!

  3. Enjoy it! I miss those fat ankles legs. The day i discovered my daughter had ankles I cried. Now they are both teenagers.

    1. Awwww! I always marvel at the lack of "knees" he has (I know he has knee joints and all, but they're just so funny looking as a baby).

  4. Love this post. I may just borrow it's premise (with full credit of course!). And footie pyjamas don't have to go anywhere! They make them up to like size 5T now. Although, I have to say, big boy pyjamas ( separate top and bottom ones) are super cute on little toddlers!

    1. Go for it! And that is true.... there are adult ones after all, haha

  5. Great post! My daughter still wears footie pajamas at age 2 so you don't have to give those up if you don't want to.