Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. The other night I was having a nightmare that my son was being kidnapped and it was one of those instances where I was trying really hard to scream in my dream but couldn't. Turns out I was screaming in real life and scared the crap out of my husband. I used to have nightmares a few times a week, or just really strange dreams, but have been so tired as of late that I am either not dreaming or can't remember. Obviously this one was unsettling because of the context, but I think the feeling that you can't scream in a dream is the very worst. I prefer dreaming that I'm dying, falling, or drowning.

2. My friend is getting married in Fallbrook on Sunday and I'm so excited to go (and for her). My mother-in-law is watching Sawyer, so basically it's a chance for Scott and I to get dressed up and get to have a nice dinner together, since I don't think I'll know anyone except for the bride, and she will probably be a little busy getting married and whatnot. I'm one of those people that actually really enjoys weddings, not because I have these sappy notions about marriage, but more for festive atmosphere, food, drinks, getting fancy, and THE CAKE. 

3. This month has been horrible for reading. We are half way through and I'm still on my first book (and it's a great one, I'm just swamped).

4. So, being swamped. I loosely added up how many essays and large assignments I have to grade and I laughed hysterically, out loud, by myself in my classroom. It was either that or have a nervous breakdown, and I don't have time for that crap.

5. I guess if I spent hours upon hours grading every weekend I'd be in better shape. As it stands, I already spend probably 8 hours or so on work-related tasks each weekend, which I think is a lot, considering I don't get paid overtime or anything magical like that. Take last weekend. My mom came into town on Friday night, Saturday morning we took Sawyer to San Juan Capistrano on the train (probably one of the highlights of his little life... we had so, so, so much fun that day), went to a petting zoo with a million guinea pigs, ate lunch, watched a parade for a few minutes, took the train home, dropped off the sleeping toddler, I went to the tailor for dress alternations, went home and played with the then awake toddler, ordered pizza, ate, gave the kid a bath, ran an errand with my husband, and then went to bed. And that was JUST on Saturday! Sunday was a lot slower paced, but still. My point is... well, my point is that I'm just trying to do what I can, when I can. 

6. This quote is perfect for where I'm at in terms of thinking about what I want to write right now:

7. The LA Times Festival of Books at USC (boo! hiss!) is in a few weeks and I'm getting excited. In the past I've squeezed in as many panels as possible, but this year I'm taking Sawyer and we're just going to wander around the venders and take it all in. I think he'll love it.

8. There is no shortage of people in my life that are ready and willing to make me feel like I'm doing a poor job at whatever it is they need me to do, often unintentionally, to be fair. Generally, I have the maturity and cognitive fortitude to remember that such parties have their own issues to contend with. But sometimes, man, I wish that people would realize just because I seem to have it together most of the time I actually have... feelings.  

9. Ann Patchett's Parnassus books is launching a mobile library in Nashville. So cool. 

10. Confession: I just bought three pairs of shorts at Loft with a gift card I've been hoarding (well, since Christmas) and they are a tiny bit small because I need motivation. They say to never do this. I did. 


  1. Re no.10: one pair is motivation but three pairs?! Okay, I'll be quiet now...

  2. Whoa, I couldn't imagine having nightmares a few times a WEEK! That's intense. I have yet to have a nightmare about my kid, thank god. Mine are usually about not being able to move from where I'm standing, or falling.

    I think that's so great that you are going to take Sawyer to the book festival! If he's anything like my kid, he will definitely enjoy walking around the crowds.

  3. Oh, I hate nightmares...I sometimes have the kind where I wake up crying.

    That train trip sounds like fun. How great to get a night out for the wedding. The dressing up, the food, the champagne...those are my favorite parts, too.

  4. That's a terrible nightmare to have! I always feel so unsettled for a while after even when I wake up and know nothing was true.

    I was turned onto your post by Brandie is a Book Junkie. Thanks for hosting it! :)

  5. Nightmares are the worst! I have them frequently and my husband will wake me up, but I have a really hard time telling him what they're about because it takes me a while to get my mouth to work to even once I'm kind of awake. It's really creepy.

  6. Oh, such a horrible nightmare. Hope the rest of your month improves with less stress and more time for reading.

  7. I had to work a wedding (photography) on Saturday and they didn't offer us dinner OR disappointed...first time this has happened...but they also didn't want to pay sales tax and basically wanted the work for free, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised! HA!

    I also read about the mobile library info and thought it was pretty cool. Went to the store last summer and it's really neat too!!