February, Revisited, Plus March

It's that time again, to check in and publicly declare how much I suck at life. 

Just kidding. 

Anyway, every month I review the month's before goals and make a few new ones. It's working somewhat well, so I'll keep it going.

February was interesting. I was exhausted for most of it, since Sawyer's 12-20 month sleep regression was still going strong (a corner may have been turned this week, but I refuse to say anymore, as his sleep is the only thing I'm superstitious about) and I spent a lot of time on work-related tasks. But I also had ten days off, have managed to get together with a few friends, and have gotten a few nagging things in order. It was definitely not a bad month, but just a little rushed. 


1. Think about daycare for next school year: Yes! And we're in the clear. Our provider can't get enough of Sawyer (the feeling is mutual), so she's keeping him until then end of the 2016-2017 school year. Such a relief.

2. Prepare tax documents: Yes! I made a checklist a week or two before and just put a few things together every day. It was painless and the appointment went well.

3. Cross train more: Yes! I bought a calendar to log steps, exercise, and weight. I've been on the bike more and have gotten in some yoga. Seeing it laid out visually really helps me. 

4. Walk dogs more: Nope. But I have started brushing their teeth again, for what it's worth.

5. Drink less Diet Coke: No way. Who am I kidding? It was unrealistic to consider giving up something I love with every ounce of my being.

6. Schedule at least one or two posts a week: No. And I was doing so well when the list started...  

7. Clean something abnormal: Yup Our garage is pretty neat, but there's some junk in there that has needed to be thrown out. 

8. The Closet Situation: Ongoing I have found a few organizational things that I'm considering, but still need to do some measuring and researching.

9. Research, and book, some short getaways: Yes! We are going to Yosemite soon and then Malibu this summer for a wedding. I may also get to go to Tahoe for a training later, too.

10. Expose my kid to something new: Yes! We went to the zoo and have been doing lots of artsy, messy, things. 

Now, for March

1. Make a tough recipe: There's the churro cake I posted a few weeks ago or something else. The only problem is that if it's a dessert I'm the only one who will eat it, and that will get in the way of my next goal...

2. Weight xxx lbs: Bathing suit is coming up. I've manage to drop a few pounds lately (like three or four, not seventeen) and so far keeping it simple has worked: eat a little less, work out a little more. Dieting just isn't for me, especially with the new Filled Cupcake flavored Oreos. So, instead of having four I have two (except today, I think I had twelve). 

3. Deal with house stuff: With part of our tax return we are having carpets cleaned, getting an estimate on crown molding, having the the air conditioner and heater serviced, and buying a few odds and ends for the house (we are so exciting ohmygod), so I need to make calls and schedule things. 

4. Yoga once a week: Either the Down Dog app or the studio. It's amazing what it can do for soreness; I had some mild IT band pain happening as a residual effect from the half and a night or two of yoga and it was gone.

5. Read a book I've had for at least two years: There are several books on my shelves that have been around, unread, for years. Time to make one of them happy.

6. Watch a documentary: I feel like this is a huge time commitment. 

7. Catch up on my 2016 photo book: And by catch up I mean start.

8. See the butterflies: I love butterflies, for whatever reason, so I'd like to take Sawyer to the butterfly exhibit they have at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park over spring break.

9. Walk the dogs more: I'm not giving up on you, guys. 

10. Plan some fun things for April: March is going to be great (knock on wood...) but April is looking pretty open. 


  1. I'm with you and the NOT giving up Diet Coke, but for me it's Diet Dr Pepper...I can't even begin to consider it...even for Lent. No Way!

  2. Love your lists! And oh heck yeah-I'll be buried with my Diet Coke lol. I'll never forget being in the delivery room with my first kid, and literally five minutes after she was born I was chugging a 20 ounce of Coke and the nurses thought I was evil lol.

    And good luck on your weight loss goals! I'll be celebrating my 3 year maintenance anniversary next month (I've lost and kept off over 50lbs woot!), and your plan sounds solid :)

  3. Ha - I feel like watching a documentary is a huge time commitment too. These are great goals though! Good luck!