Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[from the Safari Park]

Happy Wednesday! Link up, link back, tell your friends. 

1. Man, if spring break (in progress now) is any indication of what summer will be like, I am SO EXCITED. We've seen friends, we've done some fun local activities, I've gotten a few things done around the house, I've worked out, and I've gotten a little more sleep than normal. Sawyer is also a much happier little nugget when he's not being shuffled around from daycare to home and waking up before 6 am to do so (we do love our daycare lady, don't get me wrong).

2. I just wish the Man in the Yellow Hat would completely lose his shit with George just once in awhile.

3. This clip from the Obamas reading Where the Wild Things Are at Easter is pretty much the best. I know he does this every year, but I've never actually watched it, so it was basically new to me. No president is perfect, but I will definitely miss his charisma and his easy interactions with people.

4. I have to confess that I have no clue what the new Harry Potter book is going to be about... buuuuuut I did preorder it.

5. File under things I cannot handle: listening to the soaking tub in the master bath upstairs drain while I'm sitting below it in the living room. 

6. I love that little kids don't care at all if they know the words to a song. They just sing anyway. 

7. The HVAC guy is in the attic right now servicing the heater and I'm worried he's going to fine a) something expensive wrong with it b) a leak or mold he'll casually mention on his way out c) some sort of crazy bugs d) the homeless person I think might live up there. I'm so glad I'm never irrational. 

8. Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week for seniors at school and I received unexpected emails from past and present students, little tokens of appreciation, thoughtful gifts, and some tear/laughter-provoking letters. Bottom line? While I can't wait for summer break, I can wait for them to graduate and leave me. Last time I had a group of seniors that had been with me 2-3 years I was out on maternity leave for the last six weeks of school and didn't have to deal with really saying good-bye. This year I'm going to have to face the music and it's getting harder to stay in denial about it. 

9. "I really need to watch what I eat now that Easter is over and warmer weather is coming." Five minutes later... "I should make cake pops with the leftover bunny cake." Goes to the store, buys things for cake pops. 

10. I am reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad for work and have found that ten to twelve pages a day is making the book a lot easier to get through time time around (this is the third time I've had to read it).


  1. I love that clip of the Obama's reading that book. I'm pretty sure the Trump's reading it wouldn't have the same appeal, haha!! ;)

    I also love that little kids will just break out into dance whenever they feel it's necessary!

  2. I often think how lucky we are in Australia that Easter (chocolate-binge) heralds the start of winter :-)

  3. I do love it when kids sing along to the radio! It's funny what they pick up as lyrics! That tree in bloom is gorgeous! Everything is in bloom right now and I'm loving it. :)

  4. I totally know what you mean about the Man in the Yellow Hat. I mean...he has to be some kind of other-worldly being to have that much patience.

    That video of the Obamas is just great!

    Leaving behind a group of students (or rather, them growing up and moving on) is always so hard! I think Iʻve cried every single time Iʻve had to say goodbye to my kids...both in pre-school and summer camp. Iʻm sure it was so nice to receive notes and e-mails from them. It shows how great a teacher you are!

    So glad you guys are enjoying your spring break!

  5. My kids loved that book Where the Wild Things Are. I was taking a course in Children's Literature at California State University at San Francisco the year that book won the Caldecott. That dates me, of course. LOL.