August Goals

I think falling back into a good routine is something really important as I start this school year on Monday -gulp- so I thought I'd get back to some basics, both at home and work. 

1. Get into bed by 10:10 Sunday-Thursday nights- I get to sleep in until 5:20 or 5:25 now (as opposed to 5 last school year), and Sawyer is sleeping better (knock on wood), so I'm hoping this will allow me to get close to 7 hours a sleep a night (as opposed to six broken hours like last year). In reality, by the time I fall asleep and turn off my brain probably a little less, but it's something to start with. 

2. An average of 12,00 steps a day- I feel best when I move. Which leads me to...

3. Yoga three times a week- Whether it's 20 minutes of restorative before bed or a full 90 minutes in a class on the week, I want to start the school year with consistent habits. I am going to subscribe to the Down Dog App and eventually I'll review it on here. 

4. Grade summer work- I donotdonotdonot want to start September with my student's summer work packets hanging over my head. 

5. Spend less money- July was a bit expensive (within reason), so I'd like to just chill a bit when it comes to spending. A lot of it was just because we went and did so much, which I don't regret, but I wasn't able to meet my savings goals for the summer, so time to get back on schedule.

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  1. I feel like one of the hardest things to do is the getting into bed on time! I hope you get to accomplish it.