Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. If the fact that I haven't posted in a week is any indication, things have been BUSY. Not bad, but just busy. When I grow up I'm going to sit down each month and generate a list of blog post topics, write them out, and schedule them. It will be amazing. And will probably only happen once. 

2. Last weekend our newish neighbor came over to go over some general neighborly sort of things, like fence repair and exchanging numbers in case he and his friends disrupt us with their late-night pool time (I genuinely appreciated the gesture). The thing is that the entire time he was there I was thinking "hahaha you and your significant other woke me up having super loud sex and 4 in the morning a few months ago." I am soooo mature.

3. I apparently was so tired the other night that I washed my face (with my Clarisonic... aughhhhh) with hair conditioner and only shaved on leg. It's sort of ridiculous and I'm not entirely sure why I'm admitting it publicly, but here we are.

4. I'm still reading Donna Tartt's The Little Friend and while I really like it, it's the type of book that has to be read in longer sittings that I have to give right now, so I'm a little frustrated.

5. My two-year-old son has had this super-sporadic weird leg/foot issue that has been going on over the past few months and I finally bit the bullet and made an (expensive) appointment with his old physical therapist for next week. I know that it's probably because he's been growing (over an inch and a half in less than three months!) or something minor, but it does bother me a bit. It's hard since he can't tell me what it feels like and it doesn't seem to cause him any discomfort. I find myself staring at the way he walks ALL THE TIME and now I don't even know what's normal and what's not.  Or if it's his foot, knee, or hip. Or if it's changed legs. Ohmygod I'm going crazy.

6. The forecast says it might get into the 80s this weekend, as opposed to 90 or 100+. What is this magic? I might as well wear a jacket.

7. My husband gets a Marvel subscription box every so often and I'm pretty jealous, since it seems pretty cool if you life that sort of thing. I used to do some of the makeup ones, but I found myself liking the boxes and bags the products came in more than the actual products themselves. I went online and started searching for one, and low-and-behold, The Cravory in San Diego does cookie ones. So tomorrow six gourmet cookies will arrive at my doorstop and will every month after until I realize that I could make approximately seven times the amount for what I'm paying.

8. I currently am obsessed with Dairy Queen, but, luckily, there isn't one anywhere near my house. I just really love Blizzards. I want one right now. 

9. I have painter's tape all over my living room right now from the "roads" Sawyer and I have created for his cars, his stuffed animals, and himself. I need to vacuum and am sort of dreading the response to the removal...  

10. For your recipe box: this Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Honey Lime Chicken was great as tacos and as leftovers in quesadillas. Don't be off-put by the list of ingredients and also don't skip the smoked paprika. 

11. So I occasionally read The Rock Star Diaries blogs, mostly for the pictures of NYC and ideas of what to do with little kids, and their recent trip the Swiss Alps has left my obsessed with going. When we flew over them when coming home from Italy I remember thinking that I wanted to go, but now it's been moved way up the list. Icing on the cake? An alumni from the high school I teach at came to talk to the kids yesterday and he spent four years there going to college there. I cornered him after the presentation and he sold me on it- apparently it's incredibly family-friendly, efficient, and pretty much everyone speaks English. Obviously Sawyer isn't quite up to the trip now (ha!), but I'm thinking that in maybe 2019 we could go the summer before he starts kindergarten. This of course is pretty ambitious, especially since that flight may be too crazy for my husband (understandably), but if I started saving now it just might be okay... 


  1. 1 - We all have this grown up dream. The people who say they've achieved it are lying.

    2 - My next door neighbour broke my fence last weekend. "I'll fix it so you can get in and out of your gate", he said. But he never did. So now I have to be handy this weekend and try to fix it myself, otherwise I'll be waiting forever for him to do it. The neighbours in front of me like to have gatherings every weekend. They're a bunch of rowdy guys who like to sing loudly to terrible music. They need singing lessons.

    10 - Those tacos are all of my dreams come true.

  2. That was EXACTLY the problem I had with A Little Friend...

    I'm making those tacos, for sure.

  3. Ah. Scheduling blog posts in advance. Someday, I'll accomplish that too. When though?

  4. I'm still waiting to grow up...LOL. I think it's too late for me, though.

    However, I did hold down a job for thirty years, and now I have a sort of routine going every I guess that's as good as it gets for me.

  5. The Swiss Alps are incredible! I went there in 2011, only for a few days but it's a trip that will stay with me forever. I hope you'll get the chance to go there yourself some day!