Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I've been back at work since Monday, and students start tomorrow. If I could just hang out with them all day and talk about books and write, then it would be okay. Unfortunately, despite the general public thinking the profession is just one big summer vacation, there's a crap-ton more to it that drives me to the brink of exhaustion and insanity. 

2. Speaking of that, this is the last night I won't be behind at home and work for the next ten months. Oh, the anticipation. I cannot wait to feel like a partial-to-full failure all day every day! I promise, I'm not as cranky as it appears. At least not on the outside. 

3. I've partially jumped on Snapchat-lite aka Instastories. It's fun but a lot less intimidating and confusing.

4. I've started the new Harry Potter and I'm having trouble with the play format. It's simply not the same, and while I knew that going into it I'm still having trouble adjusting.

5. I'm late to the party like normal, but I finally listened to the Chainsmokers album and am a fan.

6. We don't have cable or satellite, so it takes more of an effort to watch The Olympics, so I simple am not even trying. These next few months between missing the games and all the political debates I will be missing it a little. 

7. Last weekend we took the train to San Juan Capistrano and had lunch and went to this sort of petting zoo on steroids. See cow above. 


  1. I'm not completely convinced about the play format of the new HP. I'm gonna wait to read it until some of my trusted reviewers have given their verdicts... (hint, you should finish it soon)

  2. I'm not a HP fan...or a fan of the Olympics. I'm loving my Netflix and books about now. Just got back from a mini-vacation.

    Summer seemed really short for you, I'll bet. I hope the school year is not too horrible...

  3. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  4. I heard my first Chainsmokers song last week (their latest one, "Closer") and now I'm curious to check out their album :)

    I'm more of a Winter Olympics fan than summer but I admit, I've been following the highlights after my coworker was talking about it quite a bit xP