The Best Month is Over

July is the best. There's no work, it's totally and completely summer, and there is so much to do. And now it's over.

At the beginning of last month I made a list of thirty-one mostly fun things to do, knowing that I wouldn't get them all accomplished but was prepared to try. 

So, how'd I do?

1. The Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach (fine, I'm cheating, we went yesterday)
2. Bake something new (maybe an icebox cake for The Fourth?) --> Yup, Ice Box Cake and some S'mores Bars 
3. Go to a museum or two (LACMA? Science Museum?)  --> Science Museum with Sawyer to see the Space Shuttle 
4. Make some homemade ice cream (it is National Ice Cream Month, after all) --> Hostess Cupcake Ice Cream, which I posted a recipe for 
5. Take Sawyer to a free movie at the local theater --> We took him to a movie that we paid for, but close enough
6. Do a 6k on the treadmill with the AC blasting --> Done! And ow. 
7. Clean something out (garage? Work out room?) --> Made a dent in both
8. Donate money or items to charity --> Tons of clothes and some household appliances to Goodwill 
9. Spend the day at the beach --> Nope! Sawyer didn't love the beach when we stopped by and I didn't want to waste a whole day to be miserable 
10. Do something substantial for work (I know this is counterproductive, but it will make me feel more prepared to return) --> I made loose lesson plans for the first month back 
11. Write a short story or plan more for the novel churning around in my head --> I participated in a writing challenge 
12. Get a pedicure --> Such torture 
13. Go to a wedding and take full advantage of being child-free for the night (thanks mom!) --> We had so much fun! 
14. & 15. Celebrate birthdays for two different special one-year-olds (it's great that two of my favorite friends have kids and it's so fun to watch Sawyer go to things like this. Plus... cake) --> Yes and yes! My son is a party animal. 
16. Read a book I've had sitting around for at least a year --> Just finished The Prisoner of Heaven
17. Go to an Orange Theory class (finally) --> Nope! I couldn't fit into my daycare schedule
18. Finish this craft project thing I've had going for awhile --> Done! 
19. & 20. Go to both the San Diego Zoo and Wildlife Park with friends --> We have seen ALL the animals 
21. Walk the Back Bay Trail... and then go get Sprinkles Cupcakes after --> Burned the calories and then ate them right back 
22. Have my in-laws over for dinner to thank my mother-in-law for helping with Sawyer when I was gone --> Yup 
23. Yoga three days in a row --> Actually, eight. Boom. 
24. See all my friends before we're all re-immersed in work --> I've pretty much seen all my local friends except maybe one or two super busy ones that have been traveling at whatnot. 
25. Make a fancy cocktail recipe (How Sweet Eats just posted a peach gin and tonic that looks pretty good) --> Peach Gin and Tonic for The Fourth
26. Buy tickets for a Giants game when they play in San Diego against the Padres --> We're going at the end of September and I can't wait! 
27. Make pizza on the grill --> Yes... didn't necessarily turn out, but my husband has since bought a pizza stone and ginormous spatula for next time 
28. Find some new sunglasses (especially since Sawyer accidentally broke my cheap back up pair yesterday) --> Snatched up two pairs during a Loft sale 
29. Have a picnic --> Good God, it's too hot 
30. Try to get down to The Broad with Scott (and maybe try out The Commissary) --> We had the tickets and a sitter, but then my gut told me that it would be too stressful with traffic and 105+ degree temps, so we went to lunch at the beach instead 
31. Do something messy and artsy/craftsy with Sawyer --> We have watercolored, played with Play-Doh and made homemade pizza

27 of 31

I know I am being a bit melodramatic about July being over, but we just had so, so, so much fun. It was basically perfect- I spent a ton of time with my son, hung out with friends and family, got to actually see my husband alone, and also was able to focus on some of my own hobbies. But, that being said, there's a lot to look forward to in the months to come. And it really wasn't completely perfect; there were some little life hiccups here and there, but as whole BEST MONTH EVER. 

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  1. That's an impressive amount of things checked off your list!