Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I just spent way too long trying to figure out what filter to buy for our fridge. I hate those sort of necessary time-sucks that I feel like I should be able to do faster. 

2. They replaced the Coke machine at work with a water machine. If I wasn't so scared of the district powers-that-be I'd write a strongly worded letter in protest. It's not like I buy one every day or anything, since I bring my own, but the fact that it was there was very reassuring. I understand not letting the kids have them, but I'm a grown-ass adult and if I want to pour chemicals into my body that is my choice.

3. It has taken me thirty-two years, but I think I've finally learned to deal with the people who just don't understand me and how my life works sometimes. I am not a complainer by any means, but we all have our days or the things in our lives that just get to us. For example, I have one friend, whom I am not interested in abandoning, but this person is the type who will always, always remind others that "it could be worse" when they share a problem. While this is true, sometimes it's just not the right time. So, after years and years of trying to get this person to get it, I've simple stopped trying and am more strategic about what I talk about with the friend. Or I have another friend who sort of adds to my anxiety and I walk away from divulging my stresses feeling even more worried. Again, strategic discussions. And so on and so forth, depending on the person. You can't make people understand things that they simply cannot or won't, and at that point you have to accept it on whatever level is comfortable for you. THE END. 

4. Ohhhhhhh the Feelin' Good Spotify Playlist is the best. I also discovered their running playlists that match you step counts. So cool.

5. I started Donna Tartt's book, The Little Friend, and can already tell fifteen pages in that it's good. I want to be her when I grow up. 

6. I saw this cookie recipe today and have built it up so much in my head that I will surely be disappointed when I make it (hopefully) this weekend.

7. Yesterday was the seventh day of the school year, the fourth day with students, and the first that I finally felt like I wasn't going to lose my shit when I got home. My students are great, but I have a modified schedule this year that requires I stay very late on Mondays to teach a special class (my mother-in-law has been kind enough to get my son after school and watch him, since she is a teacher too). There have been some other behind-the-scene little issues at work and at home that I've been hammering out too, but I finally feel like I will maybe not die this school year. There is hope, guys. 

8. Sawyer likes to make his little stuffed pig and stuffed Santa do naughty things and then put them on time out. I have a future evil mastermind on my hands. 

Have a great week! 


  1. #3....oh I so get it...super frustrating and "it could be worse" is the worst possible thing someone could say when a friend is sharing something that just isn't going well. Ugh.

    #7 exactly how I feel adjusting to new work life....except I'm way more than 4 or 7 days in...but it has been only 8 school days for my little guy.

  2. #3 is something I've learned this year, too. Sometimes it's frustrating that I can't just talk about whatever I'm feeling with any of my friends, but what can ya do. No one is perfect hahah.

  3. Oh, I hate when so-called friends put a damper on our feelings by their little platitudes. Yes, it's best not to share with them...or avoid them altogether. But I guess we can't do that, can we?

    I remember having a "friend" whom I would call to chat, share problems, etc., but as soon as I said one word, she was off, talking all about her and her problems, taking over the whole conversation.

    Writing things down, like in a blog post, works better, doesn't it?

  4. Ooooh I love the Feelin' Good playlist as well!

  5. Little Friend is on my TBR shelf. You might have just moved it up on my priority list.

  6. I discovered your blog recently and have to say, being a teacher (high school drama & yoga) and avid reader - I am hooked! Happy new school year!

  7. All the bext to you for the school year.
    And taking out the coke machine surely sucks. While it's great to drink more water, there are moments when only a sugary beverage will do. It's nice to have them around for just those times. Do you have a staff fridge? Maybe you can stash a couple of your own for soda emergencies.