Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Can one think about things other than being cooped up at home, these days? The falling market, the uncertainty, the closed schools, the impending illnesses- you get the gist. I'll try to keep it light(ish) after yesterday's heavier post.

I can't wait to start watching Little Fires Everywhere! I liked the book enough; I didn't think it was the literary tour de force that others did, but I enjoyed it look forward to seeing how they're adapting it for the small screen. 

Other shows I plan to watch in the upcoming weeks: catch up on This is Us, lots of Top Chef (and any other cooking-related shows), and... well, honestly, I don't even really know what else is out there that I want to watch because it's usually not an option. So far I've watched Jojo Rabbit and 2/3 of Avenger's End Game.  

It is incredibly rainy and cold in Southern California right now, which is a bit unusual for this time of the year, especially after a really dry winter. The timing isn't stellar, but we still walk a lot and as soon as we get some sunshine I have about 13 boxes of sidewalk chalk we've accumulated that will get used asap. 

I'm going to just casually drop this here, but I think I might use this time to start writing a novel (says cooped up wanna-be-writers everywhere across the land). 

My friend and I have started using the MarcoPolo app and I am horrible at it! I was talking politics and didn't even realize I was using the "macho" sound effect and sounded like some sort of body builder or something, hahaha. 

I posted a brief interview that NPR did with Chinua Achebe at 2:30 this afternoon and by 4 there were already nearly fifteen replies from my students- there were no points involved, just the request to simply respond in some way. Yes! They're doing it! Of course seventeen and eighteen-year-olds would get in the groove of this tech thing asap. 


  1. I love This Is Us, and I have Little Fires Everywhere in my Hulu queue. We are on total lockdown where I live (assisted living), and until this disaster, I was on independent status and could come and go as I pleased. Not any more! Reading and movie watching might help me keep my sanity.


  2. I just started Ninth House (that I think everyone else read last year). My 12-year-old daughter and I are watching Glee, and hubs and I just started Better Call Saul. We're not really TV people, so it's kind of weird that these are the stable items in my current schedule. LOL Take care!