Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. If you have kids and are responsible for coming up with any sort of content, I highly recommend the site Teachers Pay Teachers. I bought an ebook of over 200 site word activities and another for kindergarten math for less than $18. You are supporting teachers and their hard work and helping yourself out at the same time.

2. I finished a book! Finally! I feel like with everything going on I'm incredibly slow right now, but I finished The Power this morning and really loved it. it was our month's book club selection, which we hope to maybe reschedule over Zoom or something.

3. If you're looking for a treat, Porto's, a Cuban deli and bakery in Southern California, is delivering! They offer $10 off your first order and ship the goods frozen, so you can bake them at your own convenience. I ordered two boxes worth of pastries yesterday and then arrived today! I don't have much room in my freezer, so I'll have no choice but to eat them asap.

4. I started watching Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu and I think it's pretty good. I hate the score, though... it just feels too ominous something. I'll definitely keep watching.

5. Speaking of watching, once I catch up on LFE and This is Us, I need to watch this crazy tiger docu-series that everyone is talking about. Have you seen it? Should I go for it?

6. Our district is finally coming up for air and is supposed to get us some more clear cut parameters about distance learning requirements after our "spring break" (HA!) next week. I totally get the delay- they've been trying to navigate getting the food program established, working with the unions to get everyone's position clarified, etc... It will definitely be nice to have expectations, though. I know I have been doing assignments, grading, interacting with kids, etc... but I know some teachers feel like they are floundering. I'm also excited to have a better idea about how we're supposed to do grades for the semester, since we need to make sure we are in compliance. 

7. I get so excited at the prospect of packages now! I'm not like shopping or spending lots of money, but you know, "yay, my Target delivery of body wash, crayola paint, candy, and coffee is on it's way!" Although I'm trying to be good and sterilize everything before I take it into the house, so it's actually a huge pain the ass. 

8. I ordered a book the other night from Amazon and I saw that it won't arrive for a month. Wow. If that's not a sign of the times I don't know what is. I remember back in the day where it would have been, like, 1.5 days. But I totally get it and support it. Plus, lord knows I have, ya know just a few (ONE HUNDRED, I HAVE ONE HUNDRED) unread ones I can be going through. Target is still an option, though, and while they don't have all the books I'd want, they do have a lot of new released (like the Emily St. John Mandel one that just came out).

9. Despite today's Porto's delivery, it's time to bake cookies. 


  1. I am feeling frustrated about everything, and I'm also stuck. I am literally on lockdown in my apartment, with meal delivery from the community kitchen. And, no, I'm not in prison...just assisted living. I am supposed to be independent, but that has changed. LOL. And I pay a lot for this residence. Oh, well.

    I must check out meal deliveries.

    I am actually loving Little Fires Everywhere...and I saw a Margaret Atwood documentary on Hulu a couple of days ago.