Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. I know that it's a total cliche, but January just will not end. I can't believe there are so many days left. It's like Groundhog Day or something, except each day bring fresh new challenges to deal with, so, YAY.

2. I don't want this to sound preachy, but remember to go out of your way and be grateful. People are working so hard right now in different service industries and they make so little for what they are doing. I went to pick up a dinner order last weekend and it was forty minutes after they said it would be. The poor server handling the take-out section was alone after three people called in and was nearly in tears. Then a few days later I gave one of Sawyer's daycare teacher a thank you note and a small gift in appreciation for how amazingly she handled what could have been a terrible situation and she almost cried too! Just be nice. People need it (and it's my goal to do so even more).

3. Two new books just arrived at my door: Crying in H Mart and Olga Dies Dreaming (the first one is for book club, but I wanted to read it anyway). My wish list is crazy right now... so many upcoming books to be excited about!

4. I am reading the first Boxcar Children book to Sawyer and night and it is SO poorly written. Nonetheless, he likes it and I love the sort of nostalgic, wholesome feel, so I'm sure there will be many more of those in our future. We spent half of 2021 getting through the fourth Harry Potter book, so now we're reading some other ones I've wanted to. He reads books on his own, but at night I read to him for 10 or so minutes. Our deal right now is I pick a book, he picks one, which is fun. 

5. My grandma's service is next week and boy-oh-boy do I know where I get my planning tendencies from now! She specified in the plans that she and my grandpa made many, many years ago for her service the shade of lipstick she wants to buried in. I am so impressed. Goals. 

6. I have talked about this for like five years, but I am finally going away for a weekend alone. I booked the hotel yesterday for weekend in March, and I can't wait to sleep in and read on repeat! There might be some beach walking and some eating involved, too. 

7. Also planned for March is our annual trip to Yosemite that we weren't able to take in 2020 or 2021. I am kind of scared to admit this out loud, because I know there are so many things that could prevent it (same as above). We go during spring break, so there's always the risk of snow, out of the gate. There's the threat of either Sawyer or I getting covid or a new variant. I am trying to not get excited about any sort of overnight stay, but the option is just so exciting. 

8. I finished Joan Didion's The While Album, this week, finally and I don't know what I think exactly, yet. Some of the essays were great, some that I didn't expect, but then some were just so dated. More to come.

9. When we all stop being obsessed with WORDLE? I hope never, but I'm always fascinated by the shelf-lives of these fads. I think I'm going to have my students in second period play, since we have announcements and most of them ignore them anyway. 

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