Five things about Taste by Stanley Tucci

First of all, the writing is witty, conversational, smart, and just plain fun. I’ve seen him in many interviews, and he’s just as delightful as an author. 
There are several recipes in the book, and, even the ones that I’d never cook or eat I still enjoyed reading (there are some that I do plan do make, like a zucchini pasta). While the ingredients that need precision have the proper measurements, there are also those that call for things like a “fuck ton,” which I thought was pretty helpful. 
I’ve been to Italy once and loved it, of course (does anyone not?), so I appreciated his descriptions of different regions that I’ve never been to and the food they serve. He also talked in detail about a trip to Iceland, as well as food he’s eaten in the US and Canada. The balance of travel and food was perfect. 
Food! Of course! Whether it’s perfect pasta, childhood favorites, strange sausage eaten with Meryl Streep, or pork roasted in his backyard, he describes taste beautifully. He’s a total food snob, but generally nice about it (unless you cut your spaghetti, and then he’ll hate you forever).

His sections on his cancer were much more serious. his discussion on the way in which he struggled combined with his love of food were poignant and honest. 

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