Ten Things I Do Every Sunday

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of routine and efficiency, and if I'm going to get up early Monday-Friday and deal with all the work/kid/house responsibilities then things need to go according to plan. Sunday is incredibly important for making sure I set myself up for success the rest of the week- here's what works for me:

1. Meal planning and grocery shopping: I cook Sunday-Thursday, so I decide what we're eating each night and shop first thing in the morning, before the stores get too busy. More people equals longer lines, and I have no time for that. 

2. Clear my inbox: I have two work emails and I make sure that they're all taken care of so I don't begin Monday morning with a digital avalanche when I sit down at my desk (students have totally embraced this way of communicating since starting the pandemic).

3. A hard work out: I get in an extra long treadmill work out or yoga practice so that I'm heading into the week with one taken care of.

4. Outfit planning: I recently started planning all of my outfits for each day of work and it's saved me so much time during the week. I usually do it the night before, but this is even easier.

5. Get gas and clean out car: I always fill up my tank while I'm grocery shopping and use the time while it's filling to make sure my car is cleaned out.

6. All the cleaning and laundry: I know there are different philosophies on this, but it works for me. 

7. No work after dinner: I'm not wasting my last precious hours of the weekend on work! Nope!

8. Review weekly schedule: I check to see if there are any appointments or changes that I need to account for and make sure they're on my phone and paper calendars. 

9. Task-out extra chores/errands: I assign time for extra things during the week, like picking up a prescription, making calls, etc... that way they don't all pile up on one day and I can make sure they're all getting done.

10. Blow out hair and nails: At least this week I can have two or so days and not have to worry about things (well, three, since on day my hair goes up and my nails can just look like junk, haha). 

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