Top Ten... Things I'm Planning to Do In 2022

I know resolutions are pretty controversial- some people love them, some hate them, some keep them, some forget them. Personally, I'm a fan and am pretty realistic about the process. I aim a little bit higher than I can accomplish so that I have to reach, but I know that I probably won't achieve perfection. We just want to be better, right?

Last year:
1. 74 books- check!
2.  Be social, pandemic be damned- Heck yeah! Party animal, right here (not really, but I see friends outside of work, safely, a few weekends a month) 
3. Increase non-cardio- Sort of? I did more in 2021, but I wasn't consistent, so this doesn't feel like a win
4. Do my best at distance learning for me and Sawyer- yes, to the detriment of my sanity, haha
5. Be a good dog owner- yes, but at a year-and-a-half she is still a work in progress! She's getting there
6. More personal essays to the blog- like strength training I'll say that I did do more personal writing, but not enough to check the box

This year my list is sort of a mix of goals and things I hope to do, all the while trying to push myself in a manageable way. I like to think about how I can make progress on a monthly basis, so I plan to create a chart for each month and post it in my office/work out room so I can force myself to track my progress. It works for me! Here we go 2022!

1. Read 75 books

2. Do one tough, non-stretching focused yoga work out a week (I'm already logging 13,000- 20,000 steps a day through various cardio activities, so that goal isn't necessary) 

3. Do one sort of DIY or home improvement project a month. It can be as small as tightening all cupboard handles or changing all the dead lightbulbs or as big as painting a room. It also counts if I go through the trouble to hire someone to do something!

4. Pay off my car (student loans in 2021, car in 2022, HELOC in 2023!)

5. Hike once a month, even if it's just the local trail a few miles away

6. Donate each month to an important cause (I am really inconsistent about this... mostly I just forget!)

7. Stay on top of mini book review posts (I know no one cares, but I like doing it and it makes me happy when I'm consistent)

8. Organize something once a month (my work bag, a closet, my computer files, the garage, WHATEVER)

9. Send someone a good old-fashioned card once a month- I am so in awe of people (Julie! my sister! Lianne!) who send notes and cards to people in the mail frequently. Good, happy, friendly mail is the best! It's such a thoughtful, kind action and I think putting that sort of wholesome goodness in the world is important. Sending a text or email is great, but I think taking the trouble to buy a little card and actually address an envelope is so nice. 

10. 120 Forest App Hours a Month- I use the Forest App to help me use less of my phone and it works super well for me. This means that for at least four hours a day I won't touch my phone! No checking email, no texting, no looking at social media or the news, etc... 

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