Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

I just read that people are booking Airbnbs in Ukraine, just to help get some people money- over 60,000 nights have been scheduled so far, half by Americans. I love that idea! I know people have also been doing that on Etsy, with Etsy vendors as well). Creative ways to get people money directly! My charity of choice is Doctors Without Borders, but I know there's lots of other groups (like UNICEF) doing good work. 

Just remember when you fill up your car and it costs $2384298 that we are super lucky to not live in a country that's being threatened my a psychotic man with nuclear capabilities. I know, it SUCKS and some people can't afford it, but the people I see complaining the most can (and I was one of them until I checked myself hard). 

I am smitten with Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend. Gah. Also, after seeing Rebecca Makkai rave about Julia Otsuka's newest book The Swimmers, I bought that and read a few pages. It's definitely on deck.

If you live in California and need to renew your tags I 10/10 recommend going to a kiosk in a grocery store. Took two minutes and I got them right there!

Today I took Sawyer to his second art class where we met his friend, and I am so proud of myself for letting him make tons of mistakes and be super messy (I help clean up at the end). I see a lot of other parents helping their kids out, but I'm biting my tongue and sitting on my hands! Admittedly I did help him practice mixing colors before we went, since he had a hard time last week, but still. Mom-progress. 

Tomorrow we are going to the Huntington Library/Gardens and I'm super excited to see their "Mapping Fiction" exhibit, which shows how "authors and mapmakers have created compelling worlds." Sign me up.

So, without going to much in to detail, I was involved in a confrontation this week that was completely unprovoked (I was accused of stealing mail by someone I have worked hard to ignore for over three years). The reason why I mention this is because I have never stolen anything in my ENTIRE life! Recently I did self-checkout at Target and when I got home I realized that the amount I paid seemed off a little bit. Sure enough, a pair of pants for Sawyer that cost $12 somehow didn't ring up, so I drove immediately back, went to customer service, and paid for them. They said it was unnecessary, but I was like, "heck no, I've never stolen and I am not going to start now." And then this? If I ever steal anything it's going to be a ginormous rare jewel in a museum that has lasers around it that I have to do ninja moves to get through. Pants? No. Mail? Double nope. Oh, and, for the record, I hate confrontations and I wanted to cry, but didn't so bonus points for me. 

Last weeks' to-dos:
- book that car rental (dang it, I keep forgetting)
- host a play date for Sawyer (yup! We've actually had two in the last week!)
- figure out something fun to do next weekend, since I'm not going away (yup!)
- two yoga sessions (yup!)
- more effectively manage stress (Yes! This week was so much better than last)
- average more sleep than the last week (sure did, by an average of 15 minutes more per night)

This week:
- finish My Brilliant Friend and The Swimmers
- lots of grading
- finish my second Etsy order 
- keep up my "not snacking like a fourteen-year-old boy after soccer practice" momentum 
- take Sawyer to Knott's Berry Farm after school Thursday for a quick little trip, just because 

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