Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

If I could just have like ten uninterrupted hours at work and ten at home I'd feel a lot better about both. At least we have just one last week until spring break! 

A dear friend suggested we go to David Sedaris reading back when we read his last book for book club, so we're making it happen in May! This will be my first reading since the pandemic. 

Today Sawyer and I went to a sheer-sheering festival. Yup. We paid to watch sheep sheered and it was an absolute delight (there were other things going on too, plus some decent food).

My students are about halfway into Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake and I'm so overjoyed by how much they like it! 

Some of the bigger colleges, like UCLA (go Bruins!) have been sending out acceptance letters this past week and it's been so rewarding seeing the kids get in places. I offer extra credit for copies of their acceptance letters to post (college, universities, community college, military, trade, etc...), so I have a huge space of total happiness in my class right now. I keep it up for my incoming juniors next year for motivation. 

I'm so behind at posting here right now- I have so many little reviews to copy over. So, yes, I am reading a lot, but this is pretty much one of the last things on the priority-list. 

I'm going to be straight-up honest right now: I am extremely annoyed with my child and am hiding from him. He is a bundle of happy energy, but right now I need him to sort laundry and be quiet. 

Last week's to dos:
- make it through some less than fun adult things like dealing with an alarm system upgrade and virtual parent-teacher conferences (DOONE... I had no choice) 
- go through my pictures from 2022 so far and delete ones I don't want (not committing to starting my yearly photo book yet, but this does make it easier when the times comes) [nope]]
- abs every day, which is unnecessary and excessive, but sometimes that helps get me into the habit  [ha! No! I discovered this week that microgreens give me horrible stomach pains, so I spent way too many days feeling like I was dying, but at least now I know]
- do something creative that isn't for my Etsy shop [this was not the week, haha]

This week tossed me a lot of wrenches, but I got done the important things and next week will be better!

This week's do dos:
- get into a good place on grading before spring break
- finish book club book
- pay off my car (this is just a matter of waiting for some money to transfer from one account to another, but it feels pretty monumental, since I just bought it a year ago and have worked really hard to get that monthly payment gone!)
- bake some sort of treat to give to trends as a spring break send-off (I actually baked everyone cookies last weekend, but then I was worried my stomach issue was a result of those so I didn't hand them out)

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