Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

It's spring break! We are lying low for a few days so that I can try to get a bunch done at home and for work and then Sawyer and I leave for Yosemite Wednesday for three nights. I can barely contain my happiness- we went annually before 2020, when I had to cancel our trip. Last year we went for one day, since my husband wasn't comfortable with hotels at the time. It was super fun, but at 7+ hours each way, it was exhausting. This year we are going to drive up Wednesday, do a pretty solid day of hiking on Thursday just the two of us, and then I have some family driving up the next day to hang out in the park. Then Saturday we can sleep in and drive all the way home. Sawyer is at such a great age for travel- he has lots of things to keep him busy in the car and then when we get there he's super helpful carrying stuff and is super flexible bouncing from place to place (or just chilling at the hotel). This summer we have quite the little adventure planned and I know he will be great! This is just a warm up. 

I just finished The Memoirs of Stockholm Sven by Nathaniel Ian Miller and I absolutely loved it. The humor was maybe akin to Catch-22 but the plot (it is actually a novel) is an episodic tale of Sven's life in the Arctic. I just started Black Data by Charmaine Wilkerson and it's got me hooked. 

On the listening front, I just finished Seven Days in June by Tia Williams and it was perfect for walking and commuting (sorry-not-sorry, I am habitually compelled to note that I don't count audiobooks as listening for my yearly totals). The narrator, Mela Lee, was probably the best I've ever heard read a book. Total perfection. 

Scott and I started Yellowstone a few weeks ago and are moving through it faster than we have any show since Sawyer was born. I mean, this equates to like 1.5 episodes a week, but for me that's pretty intense. I have a feeling this show will end up being one of my favorites, ever. The scenery, the characters, the writing... just so good (I know most people have been watching it for years, but give me a break). 

I also started the second season of Cheer the other day while I am on the treadmill and I forgot how much I love that show. The coach was on a podcast I was listening to the other day, and I'm actually considering listening to her book, since she clearly has some serious leadership skills when it comes to young adults. 

I didn't watch the Oscars last night, but at the end of the day, while you should never make jokes about medical conditions you can't assault people, either (unless self defense). Who do I really feel bad for? Jada. She was made the butt of a joke and now has to deal with the aftermath of her husband's choice. I hope it blows over for everyone and that nothing of the sort happens again. 

My dog is obsessed with hiking, and I think we've only gone four times? I've taken her every other week-ish and all I have to say now is "want to go for a hike in the car" and she gets SO excited. She's sort of a pain out on the trail, since it's multi-use and she feels the need to sit and watch all mountain bikers pass, but it's great exercise for us both. 

Last week's to-dos:
- get into a good place on grading before spring break (sort of)
- finish book club book (yup! We are pushing back meeting, but I'm done!)
- pay off my car (this is just a matter of waiting for some money to transfer from one account to another, but it feels pretty monumental, since I just bought it a year ago and have worked really hard to get that monthly payment gone!) (yup!)
- bake some sort of treat to give to trends as a spring break send-off (I actually baked everyone cookies last weekend, but then I was worried my stomach issue was a result of those so I didn't hand them out) (yup! giant cookies for everyone!)

This week's to-dos:
- donate old clothes 
- get a chunk of grading done before leaving for Yosemite
- Finish Black Cake 
- Get mostly done with an Etsy order

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