Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. A new ice cream parlor opened up not too terribly far from me that makes their ice cream on the spot with liquid nitrogen. It's getting rave reviews for their eclectic flavors like chocolate lavendar, olive oil vanilla bean, and strawberry balsamic. A visit is in the near future.

2. I'm currently reading Lord of Misrule by Jaimy Gordon and am really struggling to get into it. I'm not even half way through and have no motivation whatsoever to keep going, but I will...

3. Hierarchy of male characters on Breaking Bad: Jesse > Mike > Saul > Hank . Junior/Flynn > Walt. We are almost done with the first part of the last season and Walt just continues up the ladder of douche baggary.

["I like donuts, bitches!" source]

4. I can't stop making "who/that" mistakes. It's humiliating. I'm an English teacher for fuck's sake.

5. I always think about earthquakes happening at the most inopportune times, like when I'm seven stories below ground in a parking structure, in a crowded stadium, in a gym with a thousand teenagers, or stuck in traffic on a freeway overpass. 

6. Thanks to one of my favorite yoga instructors, I'm in love with this song. Her full album comes to the US next month:

7. A parent emailed me last night thanking me for a letter of recommendation that I wrote her daughter. This has never happened before! It was incredibly heartfelt and I couldn't have been more surprised or appreciative of her gratitude.

8. Read this. And weep. One in four Americans didn't read a book last year? Give me a break. Come on. 

9. Any Gilmore Girls fans out there? Does anyone remember the Living Art episode? I'm going to something like that in Laguna Beach next month called Pageant of the Masters (fast forward in this clip that they won't let me embed). 

10. While at the Getty yesterday I found three books in the gift shop that I want: 

No, I'm not an atheist, yes I love LEGOS, no I don't want a tiny house. 


  1. Love that song! Will now spend the rest of the day listening to some of her previous albums that are already here in the US... Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I wouldn't mind a tiny house at all. Less crap to clean ;)

    Jesse is my favorite...can't wait til the final episodes are on.

  3. My favourite ice cream shop just closed down :(

  4. Wow. The stats about reading really did depress me.

  5. I've been seeing stuff about tiny houses everywhere lately!

    I started reading this blog by a woman who documented the building of her tiny house, which she finished at the end of last year. It's such a cool idea, but I could never do it, because where would I put all my books?!

    I'd probably have to build one tiny house for me and my husband, and then an additional tiny house attached to the back for all the books. But that probably defeats the whole purpose doesn't it?