Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. I'm on a boat right now- I wrote this (and all the posts this week) last week. It's like some weird space-time wormhole continuum thing (hey, is that what Doctor Who is about?). I'm in the past writing for the future. No! I'm in the present writing for the future! No- okay. You get the gist.

[sorry... sorry...; source]

2. After much serious consideration I have decided to cancel my Birchbox subscription and stay with the Ipsy bag. This is important stuff, folks. Beauty products are no joke.

3. I found this random quote on my phone from a book I read earlier this year that reads, "Pain is a requirement, not a curse." Obviously at that moment it resonated with me enough to take note. Today, not feeling as much in pain as I did on that day, I'm trying to figure out if the statement is true or not. Pain is undoubtedly a part of life- it's something we use to grow, cope, and process with. Whether or not it's a curse I'm not sure... Ask me again in twenty years.

4. The only books I ever buy used are cookbooks. All of my novels are brand spankin' new. Sorry environment. You're welcome publishers.

5. Will someone please make me a batch of these Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Cookies from What's Gaby Cooking? By the way, if you're not familiar with her blog, it has some great recipes.  

[it's go time]
6. There are just so many good things happening over the next few weeks. Vacation. Time with family. Time with friends. Fun things are planned.

7. I have a built in wine rack that is empty 99% of the time. It's pathetic, but I only buy one bottle at a time... to drink. I feel like I should go to Trader Joes and buy a hole bunch of cheap stuff simply for decoration.

8. My husband and I were talking about the movie Definitely, Maybe the other day and how much we love the whole April buying up all the copies of Jane Eyre in order to find the one her dad wrote in aspect. God, I love that movie. 

9.  Can we not just live in maxi dresses and skirts for the rest of eternity? Would that be okay? Any objections?

10. I am infinitely more excited for Kate and William's baby than I am over stupid Kim and Kanye's (do you think the fact that his name started with a "K" was a selling point for her? Or was it just the status?). I'm not a big royalty buff or anything, but I think Kate's pretty great. The woman has great style and obviously knows how to miraculously look like your barely pregnant in the third trimester. 


  1. I've only recently started with BirchBox. What is this Ipsy you speak of? I will be checking it out!

  2. I never write down quotes from books, but there was one from "Let the Great World Spin" that spoke to me so much that I wrote it down (also about pain): "Pain is nothing. Pain is what you give, not what you get." It actually helped me a lot with running, telling myself I was giving, not getting the pain.

    Anyway, thought it was funny to read about you also pulling out a "pain" quote.