Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I just found out that one of my all-time favorite teachers from high school is retiring. She was my IB English and IB Psychology teacher and I just loved her to pieces. She took care of us academically and emotionally, and while she may have been a bit too soft sometimes, she was brilliant and nurturing. It's the end of an era, for sure.

2. I think that there has been a death of the collective "we." The divide is too deep. 

3. Ever since moving Sawyer into a bed, from his crib, he has been basically always sleeping through the night, which is awesome (not awesome: I am having trouble getting to sleep and staying to sleep, so I'm still not anything close to well-rested), but he has been waking up most days anywhere from 4:45 to 6:00. He doesn't need to be up until 6:20, so this is complete madness.


4. This To Kill a Mockingbird cross stitch pattern is hilarious. It would be the perfect design to learn on if you're ever apt to start!

5. If I had time and my friends didn't all have kids I'd start a feminist book club- we'd read Gloria Steinem and Roxanne Gay and discuss extensively. 

6. Today we finally got the email about the staff vs senior softball game and I signed up immediately. Someday I want to join a league, but until then I just have to live for these yearly games (I played for like eight years growing up, helped coach kids, and also umpired little league games; softball runs deep in my family). 

7. I just have to say this: there will be no impeachment while we have a Republican Congress and Senate. I feel the need to be the voice of reason (albeit depressing). What needs to happen? Voter turnout in 2018. 


  1. Not sleeping when you kid is sleeping is the worst! My son's sleep has been so erratic. Way too often, I'm sleeping soundly the nights he wakes up. And then I have trouble sleeping nights the sleeps well -- it's messing with my head having no idea what to expect. The grass is always greener, but I find myself looking back on the baby days and thinking, well at least then I knew I'd be up every night, rather than this crapshoot!

  2. I can't believe that even the Republicans don't see the folly in keeping Trump on...but alas, they are also idiots. Did I just say that? LOL.

    Michael Moore wrote a piece that predicted Trump would be impeached in the middle of his SECOND term...but maybe a new Congress will make it happen sooner. I don't think we can survive one term with this man.

    Meanwhile, happy days with toddlers!

  3. I feel for you, re the political situation in your country. I watch from the north at times in horror and disbelief. Some days it looks like reality TV gone wrong. Better day (not too far) ahead, hopefully!