Weekend Snapshots

I knew that this weekend needed to be busy, both because of things that I needed to get done, but also because I needed to keep my mind and body occupied. And occupied I was! Here's some snapshots from the weekend, reading and otherwise:

[Friday afternoon- outside! It's starting to get pretty warm here in Southern California, so we busted out the water table after work/daycare]
[I met one of my favorite, and oldest, friends for lunch in Orange County. She's the happiest person I know and it does my soul good to spend time with her.]
[While driving, alone (wheeee), to and from lunch I started listening to this, which I am in love with. Why didn't anyone ever tell me about being an Advanced Scheduler? That should have been MY job! I am good at logistics and planning, I would have been perfect for it, darn it.]

[we spent a lot of time outside Saturday night partying (as in playing with sidewalk chalk). After the little guy was in bed my husband and I watched Me and Earl and the Dying Girl]
[for many reasons, I had a horrible night Saturday and got way less sleep than I needed. I rallied, though, determined to not waste me Sunday (and by "rallied" I mean I consumed a lot of caffeine and tried not to cry or be mean to people)]
[Sawyer and I met another one of my good friends at Sky Zone today and jumped and played for an hour. She was an exceptional sounding board, as well, which I greatly needed and appreciated]
[Finished this while Sawyer napped. We read it for book club and I really didn't love the writing style, at all. More on that later, though.]

[Boston Cream Pie, using Annie's Eats' recipe and the Milk Bar's technique. Delicious and sure to be an exceptional breakfast]

Not pictured: grading, lesson prepping, cleaning, laundry, walking, and grocery shopping. I didn't want anyone to get too jealous. Ha. 

Have a good week, friends! 

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