A Letter to My Seniors

I'm going to take the lazy way out and instead of creating a whole new sappy post commemorating my senior class I thought I'd just post the letter I gave them-

Dear Seniors,
            I was hoping to do this in person, but someone had other plans. Hell, who am I kidding- I was planning on a letter the whole time so I didn’t sit up in the front of my classroom and cry hysterically and only be able to squeak out “I love you guys, don’t leave meeeeeeee.” I’m much more articulate in writing, anyway.
            So, where do I begin? The last two/three years with you guys have hands down been the best of my teaching career and I’m not sure if they will ever be topped (although I’m not sure if you had much competition… just kidding). Teaching the IB curriculum and being around you guys every day made me truly happy. Sure, I hate waking up before the sun every morning, but as soon as my students trudged into my classroom every day I felt awake and happy with my decision to be a teacher. Over the last few years I’ve had a fair amount of crap happen outside of school (haven’t we all?) and coming to school and being around you guys has been distracting in the best possible way. You’re smart, inquisitive, funny, sarcastic, and just plain fun.
            Besides distracting me and keeping me on my toes, you guys have made me a much better teacher. I’ve worked harder the last few years than I ever have and am a better professional because of it. Sure, it takes me awhile to grade things, but in terms of preparing you for the IB test I’ve worked as hard as I’ve been able to on my end. I’m hoping we all see the results of our efforts in a month or two.
            Not only have you made me a better teacher, you’ve made me a better person. Collectively, you’ve made me more patient (a trait I’m thankful for as I stare down into the wide awake eyes of my kid at three in the morning),  flexible, and empathetic.  And for that I thank you.
            I also have to add how proud I am of you guys. I’ve seen you guys grow so much during the last few years, academically and in terms of maturity. Some of you have improved more than I’ve ever thought imaginable. I’m so impressed with your college acceptances, your scholarships, and just your overall tenacity. You guys have fought hard for your futures and I can’t wait to hear the success stories that will undoubtedly emerge from your group over the years. I see doctors, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, and a whole other slew of professions (please, though, keep it legal…).
            So, I guess that’s it. I know I’m just another teacher to a lot of you, and I totally get that (in fact, being special to all of you would just be too much pressure). But to me your class has been incredibly special and I will remember you guys for forever. Thank you so much for a great few years and please, please, please keep in touch. You can email me at my school email or drop by whenever you need anything (if I disappear just ask M- how to get in touch, haha), big or small, but not limited to letters of recs, a shoulder to cry on, advice giver, rant listener, or essay helper. Thanks for your patience and understanding this year as I was pregnant and out on leave- some days were a bit tiring, but just know, even if I didn’t seem like it, I was still listening, working, and thinking about your classes. I know I’m forgetting to say something, but for now just now that I love you all. And I’m not just saying that.
                                                            With Love and Gratitude,
                                                                        Mrs. S.


  1. Alright, I'm going to sound cheesy. Be prepared:

    I think the world needs more teachers like you. Or, at the very least, I hope my kids someday get a teacher like you.

  2. So sweet! I bet the letter means a lot to your students! I would get a little teary seeing my 7th graders move on the 8th grade and then high school. I can only imagine after working with your kids for more than one school year and seeing them head off to college and the "real world" that it's even more emotional.

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