Things I Refuse to Feel Guilty About

[Nope. Not going to either]

1. Honking at people. The asshole deserved it. 

2. Occasionally shelling out $20 on Smashbox lipgloss

3. Wanting what other people have. Land Rovers. Awesome patio furniture. Nice feet. Inner peace. 

4. Deeply caring about how much I weigh. I've weighed myself almost daily since college, not that I necessarily do anything about it. I'm a stats-driven person.

5. Desperately wanting a housekeeper to come just once, to deep clean. Just once, that's all.

6. Giving my baby a few ounces of formula throughout the day. He's primarily breast milk-fed but sometimes needs a little more. I refuse to let him starve, he's on the smaller side anyway.

7. Drinking, and loving, Diet Coke.

8. Thinking that Patrick Stewart is hot.

9. Throwing clothes in the dryer with a damn towel rather that ironing. Truth be told, I suck balls at it. 

10. Supporting various welfare programs but thinking drug testing should be required. I know it's very Republican of me (shudder), but I think it should happen. Those that use, especially parents, should receive assistance with rehab, though.

11. Generally not changing grades. You have to earn it. And no, crying won't help. 

12. Refusing to partake in organized religion but praying when necessary. Yes, I'm one of those people. I guess I use God.

13. Not baptizing Sawyer. Speaking of religion... My mom's family is quite Catholic, so I've been asked about this a few times. 

14. Liking Facebook. Educated, cultured grown-ups aren't supposed to support such a ridiculous habit, but I don't care. It helps me get in touch with people and is entertaining.

15. De-friending or blocking people on Facebook. If I wouldn't wish you happy birthday I'm cutting you out. If you're a family member that's annoying as shit but would notice if I de-friended you and would ask my mom I'm blocking you.

16. Liking Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

17. Not being impressed with popular books. Even those that are liked by the literate crowd. 

18.  Not allowing things to get in the way of enjoying my time off with my baby. 

19. Caring and worrying about money. And wanting more of it, please.

20. Still listening to The Backstreet Boys, Sir-Mix-a-Lot, and Britney when I exercise. And possibly when I drive too... 

What about you?


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  2. Patrick Stewart IS hot! My husband doesn't believe me when I say that I prefer Professor X to Wolverine, but it's true. I also have a thing for Artie from Glee. What does this say about me?

  3. I'm a huge believer in #9!

  4. I throw a damp towel in with my laundry, too. Don’t feel bad about it!

  5. Hahaha. This list is so me with a just few little changes - I don't grade, but I won't drop a library fine unless someone died, I prefer Annie's Mac and Cheese to Kraft, and I love Coke in the glass bottles. Everything else, pretty much yes, including the fact that I weigh myself everyday. I like numbers, even if they aren't changing in a way I would like. And also, I listen to Taylor Swift - on occasion - when I work out. What can I say? Trouble is a good song to keep pace to when I'm jogging.