Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

It's that time again! Link up below and thanks for playing (and asking your readers to too):

1. I've seen this coffee mug has been sitting there for the past three mornings on our daily walks:

2. Chomsky is warming up to him:

3. The sweetest little ten-year-old boy came to our door the other day advertising his lawn service. I'm seriously considering hiring him to come water some browning spots on our lawn. So cute. He (and his partners) probably want money to do things this summer and their parents told them to get a job. Kids that earn their money have my respect.

4.This video by the Los Angeles County Library is sort of lame but I love the fact that these librarians are really trying to have fun. It seems like one of those videos that are probably hilarious to the people that actually know them.

5. I recently learned that there's a nudist resort ten or so miles up the freeway from us. They have a bookstore! I sort of absolutely LOVE this and maybe five years ago I would have thought for a teeny tiny minute that it would be a little entertaining to go check it out (hey, I was running a lot and was pretty tan). Now, not so much. I do feel like this would make an excellent blog post story, though. An interview with the nudist bookstore clerk... hmm....


6. I'm excited about all the cool places I can drag Sawyer to as he gets older. Realistic places include a dude ranch (but more like a glamping one, as opposed to one that forces me to like clean up horse shit), Yellowstone, the Smithsonian, the top of the Space Needle, and the train museum in Sacramento that I for some reason remember fondly from elementary school. Unrealistic places include Giraffe Manor in Kenya (check out their site... it looks so awesome):


7. Do you remember the Scholastic book fairs from elementary school? Those were my favorite days a a kid. I would save my allowance for weeks and buy whatever I could get my hands on. The fair was usually there for a week, so I'd beg my mom for an advance on Friday morning so I could hit it up one more time before it drove off into the sunset. I was thinking that they should have adult versions that go to office buildings, but then I remembered adults can get in their cars and drive to the bookstore (although I would be all over it).


8. I made monkey bread yesterday for the first time ever (I've had it before, but have never actually made it). So delicious.

9. I'm about half way through The Book Thief and while it's decent I'm not sure if it's living up to the hype I had let it get to. I'm sure this is a classic case of unrealistic expectations, and while I still have a ways to go, I'm just not quite as in love as some of you are. 

10. Sawyer has been sleeping in his car seat for over two hours- this is a record. We went on a walk this morning for a half an hour and he conked out (currently snoring). It's amazing what you can do in an hour and a half when you know your baby might wake up at any moment (laundry, dust, clean baseboards, wash bottles, straighten up a closet, and write a blog post, for those interested).


  1. I was already OCD and super crazy cleaning lady before I had my daughter, but now I've learned to be an even better multi-tasker and super crazy cleaning lady when she's taking a nap. It's amazing what you can get done when you're on the clock.

    I loved Scholastic Book Fair day. And when they sent the flyers home to the parents. Those were the best days of elementary school. A friend of mine brought me flyers from her son's class so I could order some books for my daughter and I loved every second of looking through them.

  2. I loved Scholastic Book Fairs. And the lawn service is great -- kid needs to raise his prices a bit though -- those are like the bargain of the century -- raking leaves and pulling weeds are hard work!

  3. I would like to put my vote in for an interview with the nudist book clerk. Sounds fascinating! I wonder if there are any nudist places around where I live. It's certainly hot enough for it.